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    Helpful Information
    2023-2024 Student Government
    Applications for student government/leadership will be available on January 23rd and due February 3rd. Student government is about serving your campus & community, impacting school culture and the people and creating what YOU want to see on YOUR campus. Be a part of it! 
    There are elected positions and appointed positions. Check out the links below to find out more information.
    For a list of ASB Officers and the various boards, check out the 2022-2023 leadership program!
    For more information on AHS leadership, check out: Leadership Board Descriptions
    ASB Cards: ASB cards cost $100 and are available for purchase on the webstore. ASB cards support all student activities at Acalanes, support athletics (25% of every card sale goes directly to athletics) and helps to pay for AHS's finance tech's salary and get students discounts/free entry to the following:
    -Home athletic events (Except playoffs). This year we have 5 home football games (totaling $25 without ASB).
    -Free or discounted tickets to dances
    -Free Acalanes t-shirt at Dons Day (worth $10)
    -Discounts at local businesses (see below for 2022-2023 businesses)
    • Johnny’s Donuts: Get one regular donut with the purchase of a dozen regular donuts or 1 donut holes with the purchase of 1 donut.
    • Lafayette Car Wash: Get $3 off any car wash
    • Pancoast Pizza: Get a free soda with the purchase of 2 slices of pizza
    • Peet’s Coffee: Get $2.70 off any bar drink (e.g., drip coffee, tea, espresso drinks)
    • Sideboard: Any free non-alcholic beverage with any purchase to anyone showing their ASB Card!
    • Tutu’s Food & Drink: One complimentary non-alcoholic beverage with the purchase of one entree (for dine in only). Not valid on to-go orders or market purchases.
    • Vitality Bowls: Get $1 off any order
    • Zoonies: 10% of any purchase.

    Just a reminder that this a student only program. 


     How to get connected: To ensure you are getting the most up to date information about the happenings at Acalanes, we encourage the following:

    - Follow @ahs_dons on instagram
    -Subscribe to the APC parent newsletter
    -Subscribe to the Daily Don (bulletin). The link to sign up is on the Acalanes home page on the left hand side.
    -Pay attention to the announcements on canvas
    - Look for information as you walk onto campus including posters, flyers & chalkboards. 
    -Email Katherine Walton, the leadership teacher, with any questions regarding student activities.

    We are so excited for the 2022-2023 school year and have some great events planned for the student body! Please stop by 314 anytime or email us if you are interested in learning more or want to get involved!

    Student activities exists at Acalanes to connect students with opportunities and one another. We are here to serve the student body! If there is anything you are interested in seeing at Acalanes or are looking for ways to get involved, don't hesitate to reach out via email or stop by room 314. We love our Dons! Acalanes Community Always

    Questions? Email Katherine Walton, the leadership teacher. We are here to ensure you have a great experience at Acalanes!
    Go Dons!