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Technology Services

To help build 21st century skills, teachers at Acalanes High School have incorporated technology into their daily routine.  Whether to manage aspects of their class or to engage and inspire students, technology has been embraced as an educational tool.  Acalanes is a wireless campus providing  staff and students instant access to the Internet campus wide.  Acalanes students have access to many forms of technology including PC and Mac computers as well as Apple iPods and iPads.  Our campus offers three classroom computer labs which students studying Digital Design, Photography, and Computer Programing use. There is a drop-in computer lab which is available before school, at brunch and at lunch for students.  In addition, the Acalanes High School library offers the ability for students to use computers in a classroom like setting as well as 24/7 access to the library's online databases
iPad Program & Apple Distinguished Program Award
Acalanes has recognized the educational benefits of incorporating Apple iPads as part of the teahers' instruction and the students' learning.  In 2011 and 2012 AcalanesHigh School was formally recognized by Apple for our use of iPads inthe classroom identifying Acalanes as an Apple Distinguished Program.  With help from the Acalanes parent community, Acalanes High School is currently piloting a 1:1 iPad Program. For more information see our Acalanes 1:1 Program
Digital Citizenship
With the increasing use of technology in education Acalanes is focused on making sure our students are safe while navigating the digital environment. It is important for our students to understand the responsibilities that come along with today's technology and their participation in making good ethical decisions while online. See our digital citizenship resources
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