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    Our Story   


    Born from the idea of having students read differently, Acalanes started a small iPad pilot program in 2010. Within one year the small iPad pilot quickly grew and developed into an Apple Distinguished Award-winning program.


    As iPads increased in classrooms at Acalanes and across the nation, Acalanes recognized much of the development of educational apps was moving more toward a web based platform.  Along with the student desire to use a full keyboard, Acalanes has recently moved from iPads to Chromebooks.   


    Whether conducting genuine research or creating innovative student work, students are not only able to access content but are using content to create. From reading, writing, and arithmetic, to sun salutations and the downward dog, students are using devices to further their understanding in all curricular areas on campus. The use of Chromebooks, iPads and even cell phones use of mobile devices is allowing teachers to engage, motivate and improve student learning. By giving students access to innovative technology, we are encouraging and allowing students to learn more collaboratively and take greater control of their own learning.


    1:1 Initiative


    The purpose of 1:1 Learning at Acalanes is to enhance learning in the classroom and is to be used for academic use throughout the school day. The use of the mobile learning devices falls within the guidelines of the AUHSD Acceptable Use Policy. Each individual is responsible for his/her own device and is to be used by that student only.


    To Parents


    Acalanes High School feels strongly that a successful student is one who is supported at school by their teachers and at home by their parents. To ensure students are as responsible and safe online at home as they are at school, we have provided parents a list of resources to further support their student. Please see the Parent Resource links below for details on how parents can best support their student. As each family is responsible for the care of any district issued device when not on campus and are responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged district issued device or accessory we have partnered with an outside insurer. Cost of coverage is minimal. Click on the link to the right to purchase insurance.



    Quick Links


    Outside Supplemental Insurance 

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    Parent Resources 

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    Family Device Contract (Common Sense Media)

    Social Media Basics for Teens (Common Sense Media)



    iOS Resources iPhone iPad


    Turning on Restrictions (Parental Control)

    Setting Up iCloud (to help locate device)

    Setting Up School Email