• Need A Chromebook?

    Thanks to the generous support of Lafayette Partners in Education, any student who needs a device can check one out from the Acalanes Library. Students wanting to check out a school Chromebook can request one during the Fall Registration process, on Dons Day, or after the school year starts by going to the Acalanes Library.  It is strongly recommended that students checking out a school Chromebook purchase additional insurance in the event the device is damaged, lost or stolen.


    To Parents

    Acalanes High School feels strongly that a successful student is one who is supported at school by their teachers and at home by their parents. To ensure students are as responsible and safe online at home as they are at school, we have provided parents a list of resources to further support their student. Please see the Parent Resource links below for details on how parents can best support their student. As each family is responsible for the care of any district issued device when not on campus and are responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged district issued device or accessory, we have partnered with an outside insurer. Cost of coverage is minimal. Click on the link below to purchase insurance.


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