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    Athletic Physical Education program is for highly organized, independent, and responsible students and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout the season of sport. The designated Physical Education teacher will monitor progression and completion of participation hours.

    For the agreement/contract, time card, and more information, please go to the district site by clicking here.


    Acalanes Athletic PE Quick Facts


    Acalanes students are required to complete four (4) semesters of Physical Education to graduate. All Freshmen must take two (2) semesters of Physical Education 9 (PE 9) and must complete a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) in Spring of their Freshmen year. 


    Students who pass their Physical Fitness Test may fulfill their final two (2) semesters of PE by taking two (2) semesters of PE during grades 10-12 OR by participating in two (2) Acalanes team sport seasons during 10-11 grades. To receive PE credit for participating in a team sport, students must complete the following:


    1. Acalanes PE Contract

    • Complete the Acalanes PE Contract found on the AHS website before the season begins, have it signed by the team’s coach, and turn it into the office by the date outlined online for each season. For example, this year’s due dates for signed contracts were:
      • 2018-2019 Contract Deadlines:
        • Fall Sports - Friday, August 31
        • Winter Sports - Friday, November 16
        • Spring Sports - Thursday, February 14
    • During that season, complete a minimum of 70 hours of practice/conditioning (or attend 90% of practices/games for sports where earning 70 hours is not a possibility) under the direct supervision of the team’s coach.
    • Complete the entire season of the team sport.


    2. Weekly Acalanes PE Timecards

    • Each week, students must record hours of actual activity/practice/conditioning and games/matches on an PE Timecard.
    • PE timecards must be signed weekly by the student’s coach and turned into the Athletic PE bin located in the Counseling Office for review by a PE teacher.
    • Failure to maintain signed timecard for duration of contract will result in immediate removal from the PE Program and no credit will be awarded.
    • If a student cannot complete the required hours due to an injury or illness, credit will not be given. Students will not receive hours for “watching” practice.


    Note: Hours with club teams, US swimming or Pros is not applicable.


    Feel free to contact Mike Ivankovich, the Acalanes PE teacher overseeing the program, with any questions.