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    Welcome to the College and Career Center!


    I'm Elizabeth King McCormick, College & Career Advisor, and I look forward to working with you as you chart your post-graduation path. Whether you hope to attend college, pursue a trade, take a gap year, join the military, or follow a different route entirely, I can help you make an informed decision. I'll offer many events, services, and opportunities this year to support you along the way, and I strongly encourage you to attend those that may pertain to you. Please read my weekly bulletins for schedules and other important information.


    College & Career 101


    Please refer to the College & Career 101 tab on this webpage for step-by-step guidance. This is a district-wide endeavor and contains valuable information to support you as you choose your post-grad path.


    ALL: Please read my weekly bulletins. They contain information and announcements and are the best way to learn about opportunities.



    College Rep Visit Calendar

    The calendar below shows college rep visits currently scheduled for this Fall.  Note, the calendar changes almost daily as reps add visits or change existing visits. Check back regularly! Rep visits are also listed in Naviance. Please refer to my weekly bulletins for a listing of other events. 



    Contact Info

    Phone: 925-280-3925

    Email: eking@auhsdschools.org.



    Students may schedule an individual appointment with me using this calendly link . Please note: if your appointment is during class, you will need to pick up a permission slip from me ahead of time for your teacher's signature. I do not send passes. Coming soon: scheduling links for additional CCC support staff with additional availability.


    I encourage you to read my weekly bulletins for information and announcements. This is true regardless of your preferred post-grad path. Although many of our Fall events are geared towards seniors and/or college-bound students, there is something for everyone. 


    Look closely at the College & Career 101 site on this webpage. It is your go-to roadmap, providing step-by-step guidance.


    Register for the College & Career Center Academies that apply to you. In the Fall, many of these will pertain to seniors who are college-bound (including community college).




    For those seniors who may attend DVC in the Fall, take advantage of our "Kickstart" partnership. You will have the opportunity to enroll, register, and get connected to resources NOW, giving you priority registration for classes next Fall. This is a unique opportunity for Las Lomas students, and it's an ace-in-the-hole, even if DVC is not your first choice. 


    Use the CCC for advice, application assistance, essay-help, financial-aid information, and more. Support is generally available during academy and lunch, and by appointment. Use my calendar link to schedule one-on-one appointments.


    Take advantage of the many free resources offered by Ethan Sawyer (The College Essay Guy), an esteemed expert in the field of college admissions. His site covers almost every aspect of the college application process and provides excellent resources and workshop opportunities. Here are his website and podcast.


    Resources are available to help first generation and low-income students realize their academic potential. Please ask me about these.


    Learn about individual colleges through college rep visits, which will be offered in the CC&C to juniors and seniors this Fall.  Register in Naviance > college visits.


    Take the SAT or ACT if you plan to apply to a college that requires (or allows) submission of a standardized test score. Many schools are now test optional. Other schools (including California's public colleges), prohibit test submission altogether.


    Explore majors & careers using the tools on the College & Career 101 page (on this website) and in Naviance.


    Create and finalize your college list.  We will support this process during our Academies.


    Request letters of recommendation from two teachers (in-person and in Naviance) if you haven’t already and will need them.


    Complete any Naviance tasks applicable to you and any listed in the Senior Roadmap.


    Write any essays required for the colleges to which you’re applying. We can edit your essays during our Academy sessions.


    Understand the cost of college and the financial aid process. See links in College & Career 101.