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    Welcome to the College and Career Center!


    I'm Elizabeth King, the new College & Career Advisor, and I look forward to working with you as you chart your post-graduation path. Whether you hope to attend college, pursue a trade, take a gap year, join the military, or follow a different route entirely, we're here to help you make an informed decision. I'm very excited about the upcoming year and hope that you are also! We'll be planning a lot of helpful activities, so watch this space for more information! 




    Congress passed a bill last December including provisions overhauling the financial aid application process and expanding Pell Grant eligibility. Most of the bill’s provisions go into effect on July 1, 2023 (for financial aid award year 2023-24). The updated FAFSA will be available starting on October 1, 2022. Click here or here to learn how it affects the 2023-24 FAFSA cycle. 


  • The College & Career Center is located off the Rally Court between the Counseling and the Attendance Offices.

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    Students may contact me directly to schedule individual appointments. I can be reached at eking@auhsdschools.org or

     (925) 280-3925 



    1. Register for the College & Career Center ACADEMIES this Fall to help you with your college applications. A schedule will be posted soon. Space will be limited, so register early.

    2. Learn about individual colleges through COLLEGE VISITS, which will be offered in the CC&C this Fall.  Register in Naviance > college visits.

    3. Take the SAT or ACT if you plan to apply to a college that requires (or allows) submission of a standardized test score.

    4. Explore COLLEGE MAJORS & CAREERS using the tools on the College & Career 101 page (on this website) and in Naviance.

    5. Create and finalize your COLLEGE LIST.  We will support this process during our Academies.

    6. Request  LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from two teachers (in-person and in Naviance) if you haven’t already.

    7. Complete any NAVIANCE TASKS applicable to you and any listed in the Senior Roadmap.

    8. Begin to write any COLLEGE ESSAYS required for the colleges to which you’re applying. We can edit your essays during our Academy sessions.

    9. Understand the COST OF COLLEGE and the FINANCIAL AID process. See links in College & Career 101.


    Check THIS WEBPAGE and read your EMAIL for news and upcoming events.


    Here's a great resource available at no cost: Ethan Sawyer's College Essay Guy's application hub. Ethan Sawyer is a well-regarded expert in the field of college admissions. His site covers almost every aspect of the college application process and provides excellent resources and workshop opportunities.  Here are his website and podcast.