Emergency Release / Medical Clearance

    Each school year all athletes must complete and turn in the Athletic Clearance forms to be “CLEARED” to participate in High School athletics.  The forms are updated yearly and the physician’s signature must be on the form that approves the student’s participation in athletics through June 2016.  This means the Signature must be after July 1st of the current year. To obtain the athletic clearance forms, both the parent and student need to complete the online athletic registration process.  The link is located on the Athletics homepage.



    In August you will turn the forms into the attendance office during Residency Verification.  If you know that you want to play more than one sport this year, you may "clear" for all sports you intend to play. Use one form for each sport.  Be sure to correctly mark the sports on the top of the release form.  The list of cleared athletes will be given to the coaches prior to the first day of practice/tryouts for the season. You will not be able to participate in a tryout or practice until the completed forms have been accepted and approved by the Athletic Director.



    In the weeks leading up to the start of the winter and spring seasons, rosters of cleared athletes will be posted outside the weight room. If you believe you have turned in your clearance forms for this year or there is an error in what is posted, please email Mr. Kruger with the request to move or fix your clearance status.  Students who have not turned in their clearance forms need to turn in their clearance forms to the Mr. Kruger to be added to the clearance lists for winter and spring sports.  Everyone should check the posted lists to confirm that their clearance paperwork has been recorded for the correct season and sport.  These lists only constitute who is cleared to tryout. The rosters for each team will be formed from those who attend the respective tryouts.  All winter and spring athletes may turn in their clearance forms at Residency Verification if they have the forms completed at that time.  Otherwise pay attention to communications about when the forms are being collected.