• CSF (California Scholarship Federation) at Las Lomas


    CSF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize the  academic achievement of high school students in California. There are approx 1500 chapters throughout the state, and each chapter is comprised of student members who meet eligibility requirements. 


    Why should I join?


    CSF is the only academic Honor Society at Las Lomas. Students who become "Life Members" will be recognized at High School Graduation with a tassel and cord. Life Members are those who qualify for CSF and complete the steps necessary to enroll in at least four out of six semesters in grades 10-12, including at least one semester in senior year. Students may list CSF as an "Academic Honor" on college applications.


    Who is eligible?


    Eligibility for CSF is determined by course selection and grades earned. Eligible students must submit both their application and payment DURING THE ENROLLMENT PERIOD for each semester for which they are eligible. Per CSF state regulations, no late applications or payments can be accepted. To determine if you are eligible, use the formula detailed in the document emailed to students.


    How do I join CSF?


    Please follow the instructions in the emails sent to students and shared in the Knights News.

    NO LATE APPLICATIONS OR PAYMENTS CAN BE ACCEPTED. This is in accordance with the Bylaws of the CSF organization.