• CSF (College Scholarship Federation) at Las Lomas

    CSF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize academic achievement and community service among high school students in California. There are approx 1500 chapters throughout the state, and each chapter is comprised of students members who meet eligibility requirements. 


    What is CSF? Why should I Join?

    o It is the only Academic Honor Society at Las Lomas.

    o Every semester of eligibility will be noted on seniors' final transcripts.

    o Students will be recognized at Senior Awards Banquet.

    o Students will be recognized at High School Graduation with a tassel and cord (must qualify for 4 of 6 semesters with one being fall semester of senior year)

    o Students may list CSF as "Academic Honor" on college applications.


    Who is Eligible?

    o All students at Las Lomas are eligible. Eligibility reports are run each semester by the College/Career Center

    o Eligibility is determined by course selection and grades earned.

    o Use this Worksheet for reference only.

    o Check 2019-2020 CSF Course List 

    o Current eligibility lists will be posted on the bulletin board outside the College/Career Center

         ~ Fall semester list is posted in January

         ~ Spring semester list is posted in September


    How do I Join?

    o If eligibility is confirmed, PAY MEMBERSHIP DUES

         ~ Membership dues are $5.00 per semester.

         ~ Pay through the Las Lomas Webstore. Links to pay will be live on September 9, 2019.




         ~ Spring 2019 enrollment window is open September 9-23, 2019 ONLY.

         ~ Dues must be paid during the open enrollment windows in September and January.  Back pay will no longer be accepted.

    o No paperwork is required or is accepted. 


    What do CSF officers do for Las Lomas?

    o Volunteer Fair

    o Staff Luncheon

    o Alumni Presentations

    o Service Awards (link to volunteer page)

    o Senior Awards Banquet


    To learn more about CSF please click here.

     Any questions ?  Contact Erinn Johnson.