Bus Transportation and Parking


    The Summer School learning format is TO BE DETERMINED.

    During Summer School, it is possible to take a bus or park on campus.  Please review the following information.  The Summer School Bus Transportation Application will be available by April, 2021.


    There is a charge for this service* and space is limited.


    Your Student ID is your ticket to ride an AUHSD bus. You must carry it with you at all times and show it to the driver upon request.  Bus transportation is a privilege and not a right.  Good behavior is expected on the bus and at the bus stops.  Summer School administration and the AUHSD Transportation Department reserve the right to deny bus service to anyone who cannot comply with basic rules of courtesy and safety.  Additionally, any student who is defiant and/or disruptive on the bus and identified by the bus driver will no longer be allowed aboard and a refund will not be given.




    Parking is available at the Summer School Site (TBD) for students who drive to Summer School. 

    If you are a younger, new driver, you must follow the state law and not drive other students in your car. If you drive recklessly or do not obey the rules and directions of the Campus Supervisors and administrators, you may lose your privilege to park on campus.




    *Students receiving Free or Reduced Fee lunches will not be charged for this service.