• Las Lomas Mission

    The mission of Las Lomas High School is to foster an equitable community that values respect, achievement, and honesty. Our students will be creative thinkers who contribute as global citizens and lead with resilience.


    Las Lomas Vision

    The vision of Las Lomas High School is to support all students to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world. We strive to develop students’ growth, creativity, communication, and teamwork. We are committed to ensuring that every student can reach their intellectual, social, and creative potentials through our collaborative models and inclusive practices throughout our campus. 


    Las Lomas Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    Las Lomas High School’s curriculum and culture strives to develop students into:


    Academic Achievers Who:

    • Meet or exceed state and district academic standards

    • Produce high quality work

    • Self-advocate as learners and seek educational challenges


    Inclusive and Involved Students Who:

    • Are “Uknighted” as a school community

    • Show respect for and interest in diverse cultures

    • Demonstrate active civic involvement and social responsibility


    Empowered Individuals Who:

    • Care for their physical, social, and emotional health

    • Take a proactive approach to their current and future academic and career goals

    • Act ethically and take personal responsibility for their actions