Through our special management system, we are able to share apps purchased by the school and distribute them to the students on their iPads.  Below is the list of apps provided to students on behalf of the school. 

    Notability is an iPad specific note taking & annotating app, which allows users to type, write, highlight, and screencast (record audio) over notes and PDFs.  ($2.99)

    Explain Everything is a powerful interactive whiteboard app allowing users to write, type, highlight, and screencast (record audio) as well as making movies. ($2.99)

    SubText a powerful interactive & collaborative reading and annotating app. 
    TI-Nspire the latest and greatest calculators for the iPad. ($29.99) 
    Near Pod is an interactive presentation tool where teachers and students share questions and answers in real time. (Free)

    Socrative similar to Near Pod, is an app where teachers and students can ask and answer questions in real time. (Free)

    Stop Motion combines multiple photos to make movies.  (Free)

    Evernote is note taking app both on iPad & internet allowing users access to notes on any web enabled device. (Free) 
    From Google  

    Google Drive connects users to their Google Drive accounts where they can create and collaborate. (Free)

    Google Slides Google’s version of Keynote or PowerPoint allows users to create Google Slide presentations (Free)

    From Apple’s iWork students have access to

    Keynote which is a presentation tool similar to Google Slides or PowerPoint.

    iMovie an app which allows the creation of movies

    Pages Apple’s version of Word or Google Docs.

    Numbers the Apple equivalent to Excel.

    Garage Band where users can create audio tracks.

    iBooks Apple’s eReader where users can purchase and/or download books and take notes, highlight, search within the text and define words easily. (Free)



    One of the ‘game changing’ features of the iPad is that our students can find apps on their own and download them to their iPad using their newly created Academic iTunes account.  Some of the apps we’ve seen students get to help further their own learner are: 

    Simple Mind+ a graphic organizer app allowing users to take notes in a word web format. (Free)

    My Homework a notebook planner which alerts users of important assignments classwork based on dates. (Free)

    Dragon Dictation a voice to text translator. (Free) 

    Flashcards+ –students create flashcards for study help. (Free)

    Voice Record voice recorder that can be converted to MP3 (Free)