Senior Class Fall Presentation on Applying to College


    Naviance - Use Naviance to research colleges, request teacher and counselor letters of recommendation, order transcripts, and sign up for college rep visits

    The Secondary School Report Form, is a part of many applications and can include a written evaluation from your school counselor.   If you need a counselor recommendation:
    • If you are applying Early, you must complete the following by OCTOBER 1st:
    • If you are applying Regular, you must complete the following by NOVEMBER 1st:

    1. Ask your counselor politely in person for a letter of recommendation

    2.  Complete the following in the About Me section of Naviance:
          ~ Student Statement
          ~ Parent Statement
          ~ Resume

    3.  Add your schools to the list under Colleges I'm Applying To

    4.  pay for your official transcript order on the webstore

    Teacher Recommendation Form

    Some teachers will ask you to complete this Teacher Recommendation Form to help them write the best letter they can for you