• Las Lomas Season of Sport Overlap Rules.


    1)    An Athlete Currently playing a sport may NOT start a new sport until the previous sport is finished.

    a.     Athletes may not participate in tryouts or practice until their sport ends

    b.     Athletes should inform the coach of the Next sport they will be coming out once the current sport is finished.

    c.     Coaches will not allow the athlete or pressure athlete to participate in the Next sport while they are still practicing with the current sport.


    2)    Athletes will NOT be allowed to “quit” a current sport to start the next sport.  If an athlete does “quit” near the end of the season they will be held out of the next sport until the previous sport has completed competition.

    3)    Once an Athlete is available for the new sport he/she will have three to four days to be evaluated as a tryout for the team.

    4)    There will be no punishment for an athlete who is involved in an overlap of sports. Coaches will not hold an athlete out of competition solely based on the late arrival to the team’s season.