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    The Acalanes Union High School District currently provides medical, dental and vision benefits for its eligible employees through the Self Insured Schools of California (SISC), Delta Dental, Vision Service Plan as well as other benefits. The following are Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to our benefits. 



    Contact Information

    For information on Employee Benefits, please contact the representative for your job site:


    Fred Barre ext 6615, fbarre@auhsdschools.org

    Acalanes High School

    Campolindo High School

    Del Valle/ACIS

    Soda Center

    District Office


    Heena Multani ext 6610, hmultani@auhsdschools.org

    Las Lomas High School

    Miramonte High School

    Service Center



    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Am I eligible for medical benefits?
    Employees who work a minimum of 50% are eligible for medical benefits.
    Can my children be covered?
    Yes. Dependent children, regardless of student status, may be enrolled provided they are under the age of 26. A birth certificate or certificate of adoption and copy of social security card must be provided for each child at time of enrollment.  
    How much will I have to pay?
    For full time employees, the District will contribute the equivalent to the current Kaiser Medical Rate for both SEIU Local 1021 and Acalanes Education Association employees.  Part time employee benefits are prorated, depending on percentage of employment.  
    Will I be billed for my portion?
    No. The employee's portion, if any, is automatically deducted from his/her paycheck.  For non 12 month employees, additional deductions are taken in May and/or June to cover summer premiums. Employees who pay any portion of their medical or dental premiums can have these premiums tax deferred by signing up for the 125 tax plan through American Fidelity.  Questions regarding the 125 plan should be directed to the Benefits Coordinator. 
    What companies may I choose from?  
    The SISC program offers health maintenance organizations (HMOs) through Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser. SISC also offers preferred provider organizations (PPOs) through Anthem as well.  A Health Savings Account Plan is also available through Kaiser. Individual Insurance packets with detailed information can be obtained through the Benefits Coordinator at your request. 
    How do I enroll?
    Once you have been hired, appointments with the Benefits Coordinator are encouraged. Contact the benefits department to receive enrollment forms and information. (If you are married and are enrolling your spouse, you must provide a copy of your marriage certificate). Employees must enroll within 60 days of hire or change in status if they qualify. 
    What if I have medical insurance through my spouse, other employer or other source?
    After January 1, 2018, all AUSHD qualifying employees who meet the minimum number of hours will be enrolled in a medical insurance plan. AUHSD no longer offers a Cash-In-Lieu program. 
    May I enroll later?
    Yes. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) allows employees to sign up for insurance with either a 30 or 90 day waiting period, pending the circumstances for requesting enrollment. You may also enroll during Open Enrollment which occurs in May each year. Health insurance changes becomes effective October 1 of the same year. The carrier cannot deny coverage because of the pre-existing condition of any enrollee in any SISC managed health insurance. 
    More about HIPPA
    Eligible employees may enroll under Special Enrollment or Late Enrollment, both of which allow the employee to enroll during the year, provided the employee has met the guidelines. A major family status change may qualify the employee for a special enrollment. Examples: addition of a dependent, marriage, divorce or loss of coverage. 

    Dental and Vision FAQs:

    Who is eligible for Dental and Vision benefits? 
    Permanent Classified Employees who work 50% or more and all permanent certificated employees are eligible for dental and vision benefits.
    What about  family members? 
    Your spouse and unmarried, dependent children under the age of 25,  regardless of student status, are also eligible for benefits.
    How much will it cost?
    The dental and vision rates are composite rates, regardless of how many family members are on the plan. Only part time employees pay a portion of their dental. Vision is fully paid by the district.
    How do I enroll?
    Contact the Benefits Coordinator.  
    May I enroll later?
    Open Enrollment occurs in May. Changes are effective on October 1. Dependents not originally enrolled on your plan may enroll at this time.  

    Other Benefits:

    403(b)/457 Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA)
    The IRS allows public employees of public schools to participate in tax sheltered annuity plans. An employee may authorize automatic payroll deductions to a TSA plan through a salary agreement. The annual limit on a tax sheltered annuity is set by the IRS.  There are some significant advantages: 
    •    Contributions to a 403(b)/457 are tax deferred 
    •    Earnings on retirement money are tax deferred 
    •    The annuity plan can be carried with the participant when she/he changes employment or retires
    Envoy Plan Services will be administering our 403(b)/457 plans by maintaining compliance and enrollment procedures, providing forms and technical resources.
    125 Flexible Benefit Program.
    A flexible benefit plan also known as section 125 is part of a cafeteria plan that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical or childcare expenses. American Fidelity administers our plans. May is enrollment time for those who would like to participate. The plan does not automatically roll over from year to year. Each enrollment is for a one year period from January 1 through December 31.  the cost savings advantage of the plan are simple. Any benefit cost or insurance premiums you pay under the plan are paid on a pre-tax basis. If you are subject to FICA taxes, there may be a slight reduction in your Social Security benefits due to the reduced FICA contributions. 
    Employee Assistance Program
    The Acalanes Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wealth of resources that can help you lead a happy, healthy well-balanced life. The program is designed to give you easy access to tools and information that can help you reduce stress, improve your physical and emotional health, and simplify a wide variety of work and life challenges. Visit this page for help in accessing this free program.  
    Retiree Benefits Guide
    We know your benefits are important to you and your family, and we are pleased to offer a benefits package to eligible retirees and their eligible dependents. The programs we discuss in this booklet Retiree Benefits Guide are meant to keep you healthy and productive by giving you the tools you need to plan.