Las Lomas High School Schedule Change Process

    Schedule change requests may be submitted for the following reasons only:

    • Missing a graduation requirement or course required to meet college eligibility
    • Academic misplacement
    • Gap in the middle of the day
    • Change (add and/or drop) an elective class


    Steps to a schedule change request:

    1. Complete a schedule change request form, available 8/22/18-8/31/18.  (Click link for form)
    2. Turn in a completed schedule change request form to your counselor’s box in the Counseling Office (8/23/18-8/31/18).
      1. If you are adding a class be sure to list several class options in order of preference. Most classes are currently full.
      2. Be sure a parent/guardian has signed their approval.
    3. Continue attending your current schedule (the one listed in your Aeries Pass Portal).
    4. If your requested change can be made, a new schedule will be sent to you at school by 9/3/18.


    Counselors work diligently to honor your request/s throughout the add/drop period. Given the complexities of the master schedule, it may take several days before classes become available to fit each student’s unique schedule. Your entire schedule may be rearranged (class order, teachers) in order to accommodate your request. Once a schedule change is made you cannot go back to your previous schedule. Sometimes requested changes are not possible.


    Counselors will be available before school, during brunch and lunch, and after school to answer general scheduling questions. Please note that counselors are not available to meet individually with students to discuss scheduling options.