Wellness Clubs, Groups, & Activities


    Interested in a Club or a Group?

    Here are some pof our great offereings this fall. We hope you'll join us!


    Fail Fast, Fail Often

    Two of our interns, Tom Jorgensen and Libby Coufal, will be leading two separate six-week workshops designed to introduce students to a way of living based on action, exploration, and embracing the unexpected. Through the workshops, students will learn to build resilience, live more passionately and embrace life’s possibilities. The workshops will take place Tuesdays after school or Fridays during Academy. If you're interested, please email llhswellness@auhsdschools.org.


    Peer Education Club

    This group focuses on educating peers around tobacco and substance use.


    Bring Change 2 Mind

    This student-led group works to destigmify mental illness at school and in the community. 


    Sandy Hook Promise

    Sandy Hook SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) is a student-led organization that encourages young people to take charge of keeping their friends, schools & communities safe. 


    To join any of these clubs or groups, you can email llhswellness@auhsdschools.org.


    Interested in Engagament Activities? Let us know what appelas to you by emailing llhswellness@auhsdschools.org.


    For a list of upcoming opportunities, check the "Events & Announcements" page on this website: Events & Announcements