• Registration 2024-2025 Checklist


    All students must complete fall registration and residency verification prior to 

    Dons Day on Monday, August 12, 2024 

    Step Activity Due Date










    Complete Residency Verification and Online Registration

    All students are required to complete the Fall Registration Process prior to the start of the school year.  The Fall Registration Process includes two separate items:

    1. ALL STUDENTS must have their online Data Confirmation completed through Aeries.
    2. 9th & 10th GRADERS must complete Residency Verification at the school site.

    Both of these items should take place between Monday, July 29, 2024 & Friday, August 9, 2024. Students must complete these items prior to participating in their site mascot day on August 12, 2024.


    Registration | All Students (9th - 12th Grade)

    Parents and Guardians must log into your Aeries PASS Parent Portal account and complete the fall registration.

    • Click here for detailed directions on completing the process.
    • If you have not logged into Aeries PASS Parent Portal before, please click "Forgot Password?" and enter the email address the school has on file for your contact information. All parents, even parents of new students can use the "Forgot Password?" to reset their account. If you do not know the email address we have on file, please contact the registrar.


    Residency | Verification IS IN PERSON ONLY  for 9th & 10th Grade Students

    Residency Verification only for 9th & 10th and must be done in person. Come to the Acalanes Main Office Weekdays from July 29th - August 12th between 7:30am and 4:00pm.


    Two evening residency verification opportunities will be available:

    At Acalanes High School on July 31st from 4pm - 8pm

    At the AUHSD District office on August 1st from 4pm - 8pm


    Please bring all the necessary items: Residency Verification (we will make copies)


    Weekdays from July 29th - August 12th

    • Acalanes High School Attendance Office
    • 1200 Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette 
    • Open from 7:30am - 4:00pm

    Wednesday, July 31st

    • Acalanes High School Attendance Office
    • 1200 Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette
    • Open from 7:30am - 8:00pm

    Thursday, August 1st

    • Acalanes Union High School District Front Entrance
    • 1212 Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette, CA 94549
    • Open from 4:00pm - 8:00pm


    Additional Information

    Contact the Registrar, Emily Finn, at efinn@auhsdschools.org or Nicole Singleterry, at nsingleterry@auhsdschools.org if you have any questions.

    You will receive an email after you have completed registration. Save the confirmation email.  Your student(s) will show this email when attending walk-through registration day on August 12, 2024.

    Note: Registration and data verification for 11th & 12th graders can only happen through a parent account. If you are logged in as your student you will not be prompted to verify data.  9th & 10th grader residency verification can only be done in person at your home school site. 

    July 29th - Aug 12th





    Visit the Acalanes High School Web Store!  Visit to donate to Acalanes support partners (including LPIE, APC, Boosters, and ABAP) and purchase yearbooks, class activity funds, ASB cards, and apparel. (Acalanes High School Webstore -- To go "Live" on July 29)

    If you need assistance with the Webstore, please contact Michele Setterbo at msetterbo@auhsdschools.org


    July 29th and ongoing




    Sports Registration

    If your student(s) is playing a sport, please complete the Online Sports Registration by scrolling down and finding the instructions to SportsNet.



    July 1st and ongoing








    Walk-Through Registration - Dons Day

    Students attend Dons Day on Monday, August 12th from 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM.  Incoming 9th-grade student orientation will begin at 12 PM. Transfer student orientation will begin at 11:30 PM.    


    Q: What do I need to bring with me to Dons Day?

    A: You will receive an email after you have completed online registration.  Please bring a digital or printed copy confirming the completion of your online registration, along with your digital or printed webstore receipt.


    Q: Are student photos taken on Dons Day?

    A: Photos will NOT be taken on Dons Day. 9th-grade students will take pictures during the school day during the first week of school.  Every student must have a picture taken, as this will serve as their required ID Card photo.  Senior ID cards will use their junior photo from the previous year. 10th & 11th graders can take picture make-ups during the first week of school.


    If you would like to order school photos, please use this link: Ordering Acalanes School Photos


    Additional questions about Dons Day?  Please check out our DONS DAY FAQ.








    Aug 12th





    Students will NOT pick up textbooks on Dons Day (they will be distributed during class over the first few weeks). However, if students have any textbooks from the previous school year, they should bring these for drop-off.

    The Library will send an email with overdue materials as a reminder. Students are encouraged to bring a bag for carrying materials.



    Aug 12th





    Acalanes is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus.  We encourage families to consider providing a personal device for their students that they can use throughout their years at Acalanes. Please consider these guidelines on recommended device specifications and any necessary software or applications students may need to install.


    For those families and students who will need a school-issued device, we will have them available to our students on the first day of school in the library. Thank you to LPIE for their partnership! We can provide a devices to a student who may need one because of their support. Our priority is to ensure that every student has access to the tools they need for academic success.

    Aug 12th


    Acalanes Support Organizations


    Six Acalanes High School groups support our students’ educational and school experiences.

    They ensure our students have access to outstanding academic, enrichment and community building opportunities, sports, performing arts and more. 




    Please note that students must complete Residency Verification and the Back-To-School Registration prior to Dons Day. Students that miss Dons Day, can pick up their schedule before school on Tuesday, August 12th in the front quad.