• Fall Registration 2022-2023


    Fall registration begins on Monday, July 25, 2022.



    The fall registration steps outlined below apply to current AUHSD students and students enrolled in the following schools:

    • Canyon School
    • Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School
    • Orinda Intermediate School
    • Stanley Middle School
    • Tice Creek School
    • Walnut Creek Intermediate School

    All students are required to complete the fall registration and residency verification process at the start of the school year.  This includes all incoming freshmen students.

    Students NEW to AUHSD (not enrolled in our partner districts): 

    Students who are new to the district and did NOT attend one of the schools listed on the left in grade 8 must complete the New Student Enrollment process instead. 


    Interdistrict transfer students must complete the New Student Enrollment process.

    Fall registration and residency verification begins on July 25, 2022 and must be completed before walk-through registration day on Aug 8, 2022.  

    IMPORTANT: Prior to starting the process, please ensure you have the
    residency verification documents ready.  

    Please visit your school site for detailed directions: ACIS | AHS | CHS | LLHS | MHS

Fall Registration & Residency Verification Overview


    Directions: Fall Registration and Residency Verification

    Log into Aeries PASS Parent Portal account (click here if you do not have an AUHSD Aeries account).  If not taken to the the registration screen, please click on the notification on the bottom of the screen.  There are seven steps to completing the process:

    Step 1: Family Information
    Indicate whether or not at least one parent/guardian of this student is active in the United States Armed Forces


    Step 2: Student Directory Information
    Update mailing address for school notifications (report cards, letters, etc).  Include student mobile phone number for embergency use.


    Step 3: Contacts
    When updating contact information, please make sure to indicate:

    • include phone and email address
    • whether a contact is a primary contact by selecting Yes or No from the Primary Contact drop-down menu (used primarily for parents)
    • include each parent's education level from the Ed Level drop-down menu



    Step 4: Documents
    Please review the nnual parent notifications and advisements.  Clicking on the notifications will open a new tab in your browser.  Please close the tab after review to return to your Aeries PASS Parent Protal account.  



    Step 5: Authorizations
    Please review the statements in each authorization and designate your approval. 




    Step 6: Requested Documents - Residency Verification
    Upload residency verification documents in this section - 1 document from each group listed.  Review residency verification requirements prior to completing this section.  



    Step 7: Additional Information
    This section asks for additional information for the school.  Please note that depending on your school, you may or may not have to complete this section.  


    At the end of each step, please click on the green "Confirm and Continue" button.  Once completed, please click on the green "Finish and Submit" button.  The process is complete only after you click the "Finish and Submit" button.