• Who is Referred to SARB?
    Students who have excessive absences caused by the student's and/or parent's actions which have not improved through school and community efforts.
    The SARB actions may include:
    • Directing the student to attend school regularly without unexcused absences or tardies.
    • Requesting doctor's notes for excessive absences.
    • Referring the student for assessment by a school Student Study Team (SST).
    • Referring the student to their school guidance counselor or school intervention specialist.
    • Recommending necessary changes in a student's program.
    • Recommending student and/or family to a counseling agency.
    • Recommending parenting classes for parents.
    • Facilitating a student's transfer to an alternative school or program when necessary.
    • Requesting assistance from other Contra Costa County agencies and programs when needed.
    • Helping students and parents understand why they must attend school (California Education Code Section 48200) and that there are consequences for failure to comply.
    • Sending a referral to the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office.
    • Filing a court petition with the Contra Costa County Juvenile Court.