• Photography/Digital Design is a college-preparatory, interdisciplinary approach to visual arts and the humanities. The class enables students to achieve an understanding and appreciation of artistic expression and to write and discuss with discrimination about photography as applied to themes in the humanities and history. Coursework will emphasize student-created photographic art works as well as analytical reading, writing, and critiques. Substantial outside reading and research on individual biographies of historic and contemporary photographers, as well as written reviews of works of photographers, will be required. Students will analyze photographic works through discussion or writing using the appropriate vocabulary for describing techniques and aesthetic qualities.
    Digital Photography Advanced:  In this second-level photography course students will achieve the five major Standards of the California Arts curriculum at an expert or more proficient level. The course will provide students with opportunities to extend and advance their knowledge and skills in the field of photography. This course will familiarize the student with advanced photographic equipment, materials, methods and the digital processes. Also, students will focus on the history of photography and photographers studying and emulating a variety of photographic styles.