• Alessandria, Michelle Special Education Teacher malessandria@auhsdschools.org 3265
    Amundson, Erica Art Teacher eamundson@auhsdschools.org 3152
    Aracic, Elizabeth English Teacher/English Dept. Head earacic@auhsdschools.org 3505
    Avery, Jackson Social Studies Teacher javery@auhsdschools.org 3563
    Bascom, Jamie Science Teacher jbascom@auhsdschools.org 3508
    Biezad, Scott Government Teacher sbiezad@auhsdschools.org 3525
    Boyko, Cynthia Math Teacher cboyko@auhsdschools.org 3507
    Brady, Stephanie College and Career Center sbrady@auhsdschools.org 3102
    Cahill, Carolyn Social Studies Teacher ccahill@auhsdschools.org 3513
    Canty, Betsy Administrative Assistant bcanty@auhsdschools.org 3202
    Churchill, Stacey Photography, Digital Design, Intro to Engineering schurchill@auhsdschools.org 3596
    Clauson, Pete Special Education Teacher/Special Ed Dept. Head pclauson@auhsdschools.org 3520
    Compton, Joel Social Studies Teacher jcompton@auhsdschools.org 3562
    Conners, Ellen Counselor (Last Names Fin - Lov) econners@auhsdschools.org 3306
    Costa, Greg Instructional Assistant gcosta@auhsdschools.org 3529
    Cousins, Heather English, Drama Teacher hcousins@auhsdschools.org 3440
    Cryan, Katie Foods Teacher kcryan@auhsdschools.org 3560
    Davis, Matt World Language Teacher mdavis@auhsdschools.org 3503
    Dwyer, Thomas Instrumental Music tdwyer@auhsdschools.org 3521
    Erickson, Veronica Administrative Assistant to Associate Principals, Testing Coordinator verickson@auhsdschools.org 3304
    Escobar, Joseph Science Teacher jescobar@auhsdschools.org 3517
    Feinberg, Sara Counselor (Last Names Sch - Z), NCAA and Cyber High Coordinator sfeinberg@auhsdschools.org 3307
    Fernandez, Patricia World Language Teacher pfernandez@auhsdschools.org 3579
    Flores, Megan World Language Teacher/ World Language Dept. Head mflores@auhsdschools.org 3584
    Foltz, Jeremy Student Activities Teacher jfoltz@auhsdschools.org 3592
    Fowley, John Campus Supervisor jfowley@auhsdschools.org 3457
    Frank, Sarah World Language Teacher sfrank@auhsdschools.org 3558
    Frippiat, Xavier Social Studies Teacher xfrippiat@auhsdschools.org 3504
    Fruci, Lauren Special Education Teacher lfruci@auhsdschools.org 3542
    Gadde, Sharat Science Teacher/Science Dept. Head sgadde@auhsdschools.org 3543
    Gibbons, Deveney Math Teacher dgibbons@auhsdschools.org 3530
    Ginocchio, Kelly Social Studies Teacher/Social Studies Dept. Head kginocchio@auhsdschools.org 3526
    Giron, Bruce Associate Principal (Student Last Names A - L) bgiron@auhsdschools.org 3206
    Gousios, Donia English Teacher dgousios@auhsdschools.org 3551
    Green, Eva World Language Teacher egreen@auhsdschools.org 3569
    Grigsby, John Sports Medicine/HSD Teacher/Athletic Trainer/Tech Ed Dept. Head jgrigsby@auhsdschools.org 3597
    Gunn, Anna Physical Education, Human Social Development Teacher agunn@auhsdschools.org 3585
    Harris, Sara Associate Principal (Student Last Names M-Z) saraharris@auhsdschools.org 3207
    Hawkins, Meredith Music, Choir Teacher mhawkins@auhsdschools.org 3587
    Henderson, Brian Math Teacher/Math Dept. Head bhenderson@auhsdschools.org 3523
    Hennessy, Sean Physical Education Teacher/PE Dept. Head shennessy@auhsdschools.org 3535
    Holcomb, Samantha Math Teacher sholcomb@auhsdschools.org 3536
    Holland, Shih-Min World Language Teacher sholland@auhsdschools.org 3588
    Hora, Linda Public Speaking Teacher lhora@auhsdschools.org 3512
    Kearney, Brendan Technology bkearney@auhsdschools.org 3255
    Kendell, Drue Registrar dkendell@auhsdschools.org 3301
    Kermode, Gavin Art Teacher/VPA Dept. Head gkermode@auhsdschools.org 3519
    Kim, Katie Social Studies, Phsycology Teacher kkim@auhsdschools.org 3540
    Koepp, Manoa Science, Health Teacher mkoepp@auhsdschools.org 3537
    Krochmal, Amy English Teacher akrochmal@auhsdschools.org 3576
    Lai, Annie Attendance Tech annielai@auhsdschools.org 3204
    Landingin, Stephanie Instructional Assistant slandingin@auhsdschools.org 3559
    Lathrop, James Social Studies Teacher, Athletic Director jlathrop@auhsdschools.org 3501
    Le, Kristha Math Teacher kle@auhsdschools.org 3586
    Louchis, Steven Math Teacher slouchis@auhsdschools.org 3100
    Malliarys, Nadia Psychologist nmalliarys@auhsdschools.org 3561
    Manning, Carolyn Math Teacher cmanning@auhsdschools.org 3305
    McAdam, Greg Social Studies Teacher gmcadam@auhsdschools.org 3532
    McGraw, Irene Head Custodian imcgraw@auhsdschools.org 3449
    McQuain, Barry Computer Science, Digital Electronics (Robotics), and Math Analysis bmcquain@auhsdschools.org 3552
    Mickle, Taylor Math Teacher tmickle@auhsdschools.org 3595
    Mirante, Selma Finance Technician smirante@auhsdschools.org 3210
    Mullowney, Jennifer Social Studies and World Languages Teacher jmullowney@auhsdschools.org 3581
    Nastor, Anne English Teacher anastor@auhsdschools.org 3578
    Nguyen, Rosie English Teacher rnguyen@auhsdschools.org 3502
    Nicolosi, Dallas Physical Education Teacher dnicolosi@auhsdschools.org 3522
    Nishimi, Andie Wellness Center Director anishimi@auhsdschools.org 3353
    Ohlson, Anthony Life Skills Teacher aohlson@auhsdschools.org 3515
    Palmberg, Tiffany Science Teacher tpalmberg@auhsdschools.org 3511
    Parks, Julie Principal jparks@auhsdschools.org 3201
    Peterson, Valerie Math Teacher vpeterson@auhsdschools.org 3591
    Pinto, Nouna French Teacher npinto@auhsdschools.org 3459
    Pirie, Kimberlee Instructional Assistant kpirie@auhsdschools.org 3524
    Plant, Kristen Public Speaking Teacher kplant@auhsdschools.org 3575
    Poling, Steve English Teacher spoling@auhsdschools.org 3567
    Porter, Cassandra Science Teacher cporter@auhsdschools.org 3533
    Promessi, Rebecca Science and Publications Teacher rpromessi@auhsdschools.org 3593
    Rogers, Jamie Instructional Assistant jrogers@auhsdschools.org 3534
    Rose, Savannah Wellness Center srose@auhsdschools.org 3351
    Sabadlab, Jeremy Instructional Assistant jsabadlab@auhsdschools.org 3518
    Sebree, Evan Learning Skills Teacher esebree@auhsdschools.org 3516
    Shotwell, Marie Instructional Assistant mshotwell@auhsdschools.org 3549
    Silkitis, Steven Site Support Technician ssilkitis@auhsdschools.org 3582
    Simmons, Edd English Teacher esimmons@auhsdschools.org 3510
    Smith, Jyllian Science Teacher jsmith@auhsdschools.org 3531
    Spencer, Adrianne English Teacher aspencer@auhsdschools.org 3509
    Stapp, Laura Instructional Assistant lstapp@auhsdschools.org 3528
    Sweeney, Matt Social Studies Teacher msweeney@auhsdschools.org 3565
    Thornburg, Karen Nurse 925-280-3937 - Direct Line kthornburg@auhsdschools.org 3209
    Trias, Leah Instructional Assistant ltrias@auhsdschools.org 3538
    Vasquez, Erika Counselor (Last Names Low - Sca), CSF Coordinator evasquez@auhsdschools.org 3317
    Warford, Danielle Attendance/Health Aid dwarford@auhsdschools.org 3205
    Watson, Katie Math Teacher kwatson@auhsdschools.org 3506
    Watson, Rebecka Counselor (Last Names A - Fil) rwatson@auhsdschools.org 3308
    Williams, Colleen English Teacher cwilliams@auhsdschools.org 3578
    Williams, Susan Librarian swilliams@auhsdschools.org 3101
    Woo, Edmond Custodian ewoo@auhsdschools.org  
    Worth, Josephine Cafeteria Manager jworth@auhsdschools.org 3411
    Zigenis, Maria Library Assistant mzigenis@auhsdschools.org 3104