Miramonte Counseling

    Miramonte Counseling Staff
    Ms. Rebecka Watson - Counselor for last names A – Fil

    925-280-3930 x3308 Email

    Ms. Ellen Conners - Counselor for last names Fol - Lop

    925-280-3930 x3306  Email

    Note: Ms. Conners will be out on maternity leave, through August 31.

    During that time, Ms. Alvarado will be counselor for last names Fin - K

    and Ms. Feinberg will be counselor for students with last names L - Lov.


    Ms. Erika Vasquez- Counselor for last names Low - Sca, CSF Coordinator

    925-280-3930 x3317 Email


    Ms. Sara Feinberg - Counselor for last names Sch - Z, NCAA and Cyber High Coordinator

    925-280-3930 x3307 Email

    Ms. Stephanie Brady - College and Career Adviser

    925-280-3930 x3102 Email

    Ms. Drue Kendell - Registrar

    925-280-3930 x3301 Email

    Ms. Veronica Erickson - Testing Coordinator

    925-280-3930 x3304 Email