Academic Honesty

  • Regulation 5131.9: Academic Honesty


    Honest behavior is an expectation for all students in the Acalanes Union High School District. The purpose of this regulation is to foster a positive school climate that encourages honesty. It is not the intent of this regulation to create a prescriptive approach to matters relating to Academic Dishonesty. The District recognizes that each potential incident has a unique context and will therefore be addressed with consideration for the most appropriate means of correction.


    Examples of Academic Dishonesty


    1. Cheating
      1. Giving or using of inappropriate external assistance relating to an assessment.
      2. Copying any work or allowing another student to copy one's work.
      3. Falsifying or inventing any academic work.
      4. Having another student, parent, or other adult write or make major changes to student work.
    2. Unauthorized Collaborating - Collaborative work will be at the direction of the teacher and be documented according to assignment guidelines.
    3. Plagiarizing - Presenting another's ideas, words, or work as one's own.
    4. Unauthorized altering, taking or publishing of any student, teacher, or school materials.


    Possible Consequences for Academic Dishonesty:


    1. Student meets with Administrator, Counselor, and Parent
    2. Student may lose credit for assignment
    3. Student may be assigned an alternative equivalent assignment
    4. Student may be scheduled for meetings with a Counselor
    5. An intervention or discipline notation may become part of the student's record
    6. Student may receive a "U" for citizenship
    7. Student may be assigned Detention
    8. Student may be assigned Saturday School
    9. Student may be assigned Community Service
    10. Depending on the circumstances, the student may be placed on one or more days of in-house suspension
    11. If no other means of correction is reasonable or if all other means of correction have been attempted and been unsuccessful in remediating the behavior(s), the student may be placed on out-of-school suspension for one or more days
    12. In instances when Academic Dishonesty is combined with other disciplinary violations, including, but not limited to theft and/or vandalism, all appropriate consequences will be considered.