• Dear Miramonte Parents/Guardians,


     Our staff and I are so excited to begin a new year, and I look forward to working together with you to make this a great year for all of our students!


    Miramonte is committed to providing rigorous academics, robust student support, and a safe and healthy culture and climate for all students. This means a sustained commitment to the services our students need, including elite college and career counseling, wellness support from qualified professionals, and well-trained educators that are committed to helping your children progress and prepare for their future.


    The success of Miramonte High School is due largely to the generous contributions of the community through the Miramonte High School Parents' Club (MHSPC). Like last year, fundraising will run through ONE-Miramonte to streamline the process of getting essential services to our students. Your contributions to ONE-Miramonte will ensure a 7-period day, small class sizes, a wide variety of elective options, field trips, and all the necessary equipment, supplies, and resources our departments and programs need. Your contributions also go towards much needed facility improvements like Hydration Stations, landscaping enhancements, and new student furniture in the Library, Student Union, and courtyard areas. Additionally, your contributions specifically enable us to have a larger College and Career Center staff, a more robust and modern Wellness Center, and an increase in student clubs, activities, events, supports, and programs.


    In addition, our student-athletes, coaches, and athletic programs are supported by the work of our athletic Boosters Club. Boosters provides critical funding for essential personnel including our Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Assistant to the Athletic Director. They also ensure that all teams have equipment for each season, and help support capital improvements for our athletic facilities. This year, our Boosters Club has added a parent rep for each program, who will be a liaison between our Boosters Board and families so that all teams are more aware of Boosters budgets, opportunities, and supports. Your contributions to Boosters will truly support every single team, and every single student throughout the year.    


    Click the link at the bottom of all pages to donate to Miramonte support partners, ONE-Miramonte and Boosters, as well as to purchase yearbooks, donate to class activity funds, purchase ASB cards, and select MHS apparel. To navigate the web store, begin by setting up an account if you do not already have one. You will also need your student ID number, which is included on your letter home. If you do not have a student ID, please use 7777777 (seven 7s) when making your purchases.


    Your support today will enable your child, and every Miramonte student, to enjoy an elite public high school education and experience. Thank you for your support and GO MATS!


    Ben Campopiano
    Miramonte High School