CCC Opener Page

Welcome to the College and Career Center

  • The process of applying to college has changed dramatically over the years. Colleges have never been more selective and the admissions process can be stressful and confusing. The College and Career Center has the privilege of working with each and every student as they journey through high school and plan for life after Miramonte.  


    As freshmen, students are formally introduced to the College and Career Center (CCC) in the winter. They learn about the magic that happens here and the robust resources that are available, including summer programs, job listings, and community service opportunities.


    As sophomores, they visit the CCC in the early Spring. The focus of this visit is to introduce test prep for the SAT/ACT, develop a resume, and start the process of learning more about themselves by completing the career and personality assessments.


    Moving into junior year, a major focus is on SAT and ACT prep, as well as college admission rep visits. We host 150+ admissions representatives from August-December. Students are encouraged to attend two visits for schools they are interested in learning more about. One of the biggest advantages of them doing so is that their college applications will be read by the same Reps visiting Miramonte. 


    Once senior year begins, the CCC becomes a central hub for our seniors for all things related to the college application process and post-secondary planning. We help with essay writing, mock interviews, college lists, and are a general application and financial aid resource as well. We walk the walk with you as you plan your next chapter. Our goal is to make this process as stress-free and sane as possible.