Local Scholarship FAQ

  • For those of you interested in applying for our local scholarships, we wanted to take this opportunity to demystify the scholarship process and make it more transparent. In that spirit, here is a Q&A of the most common questions we receive. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Taylor.


    Q: What are the upcoming scholarship deadlines for the local scholarships?

    A: The AAUW Scholarship deadline is typically around Feb. 15. The deadline for all the others is March 1.


    Q: How do I know if I qualify for the scholarship?

    A: Click on the link for each scholarship - the qualifying info is at the top. Also, all the scholarships are listed below with their qualification requirements.


    Q: Do any of the scholarships require letters of recommendation?

    A: Yes, the Rotary STEM Scholarship requires a letter of rec from a Math or Science teacher, and the AAUW needs two letters of rec (one from a school representative that knows your work at school, and one from a community service representative who has experience working with you or supervising you during your work or project).


    Q: What is the procedure for letters of recommendation?

    A: The process is the same as letters of recommendation for college applications. Students should politely approach their teacher of choice and inquire whether they would be willing to write a letter on their behalf. Ideally, you would be giving them 2 weeks to complete it. The teacher will then submit the letter to Ms. Taylor in the CCC office, who will attach it to your application.


    Q: How do I get a transcript if I need it for part of my application? 

    A: Ask the Registrar in the Counseling Office. 

    Q: Can I ask Mrs. Brady or Ms. Taylor or other CCC staff to read my scholarship essay and give me edit suggestions?

    A: Unfortunately, no. Since some of the CCC staff are on the Scholarship Committee, it would be a conflict of interest. Ask a parent, sibling, or friend to read it over if you want a second set of eyes on it, and write from the heart.


    Q: Can I recycle one of my college essays for any of the essay prompts?

    A: No. You will be doing yourself a disservice by doing so. 


    Q: Who/What is the Miramonte Scholarship Committee?

    A: The Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and CCC staff, who do a blind read of all the applications, and follow a rubric in order to select the winners.