Senior Year – Execute

  • All Year Long

    • Keep up your grades. Acceptances are conditional, and colleges expect the GPA you applied with to stay roughly the same 
    • Continue to participate in extracurricular activities outside of class
    • Read weekly emails from the C&CC
    • Attend MHS workshops and Academy sessions: senior applications, college representative visits, scholarship presentations, etc. 
    • Check your application portals and email regularly 
    • Send colleges any additional information they request promptly



    • Finalize college list, requirements, and deadlines for each college you are applying to
    • Decide if you are applying ED, EA, or RD for each college (see definitions in Glossary)
    • Work on your applications
    • Keep a log of the different websites, username/password data for each college application portal
    • Turn in your Brag sheet to your counselor. Due September 1st
    • Check your high school transcripts and make sure they are accurate (found on Aeries) 
    • Take the ACT/SAT one more time, if needed
    • Update your activities resume. Add activities you participated in over the summer. Use this information to fill out the activities section of your various applications (see Senior Resources)
    • Update Naviance ‘Colleges I’m Applying To’ list 
    • Request/Confirm teacher recommendations verbally and send formal requests through Naviance 
    • Order official transcripts through the Miramonte Webstore
    • Send official transcripts from any other schools you have taken coursework to colleges that require official transcripts at the time of application
    • Send ACT/SAT scores through the College Board (SAT) or ACT official sites to colleges you are applying to if needed
    • Sign Up for an AP test if taking AP classes 



    • Take the ACT/SAT for the final time
    • Finish your college essay(s) and personal statements 
    • Complete and send out all EA and ED applications by late October (Typically Nov. 1 deadline)
    • Review and submit financial aid information. FAFSA opens on October 1st. Apply by your school deadlines and/or FAFSA deadline. MHS automatically uploads Cal Grant eligibility for you 
    • Fill out the CSS Profile if needed for your colleges
    • Submit CSU and UC applications by the November 30th deadline (good idea to send by Thanksgiving)



    • Regular Decision (RD) deadlines are typically around January 1. Complete and send out all RD applications no later than mid-December
    • If you applied to a college EA or ED, you should receive admissions decisions around mid-December
    • If accepted ED, pull all other submitted applications
    • Thank all of your letter of recommender writers 



    • If deferred, send an email to the admissions representative. Reaffirm your interest in the school and offer them any updates to your application (awards, achievements)
    • Start to receive RD admissions decisions. CSUs and UCs typically announce decisions in mid-March



    • Colleges have until April 1st to release decisions
    • Share your rejection letters with the “Colleges Missing Out” wall in the C&CC
    • Evaluate financial aid packages and scholarship offerings
    • Update Naviance with application decisions received  
    • Plan visits to accepted colleges if needed to make your final decision. Attend admitted student day if offered admission to learn more about a college before accepting 
    • Accept admission to your college of choice by May 1st or earlier. May 1st is a national acceptance date. Once you accept an admission offer, you should let other colleges know that you do not plan to attend 
    • Enroll and submit a deposit by May 1



    • If you have been waitlisted, make sure to let the school know you are still interested by writing a Letter of Continued Interest (see Senior Resources)
    • Complete senior exit survey in Naviance
    • Sign up for campus housing if you plan to live on campus



    • Sign up for College Orientation Sessions
    • Check your portal for any additional information needed by your college of choice
    • Send your AP Scores to the college you are attending
    • If waitlisted, continue to check email for notifications