Specialty Institutions

  • Specialty institutions focus on a particular niche and are another great option to consider. 


    Tribal Colleges: TCUs are controlled and operated by American Indian tribes and were established to pass on American Indian cultures. There are 32 accredited TCUs in the United States.


    Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): HSIs are accredited, post-secondary, higher educational institutions with at least 25% total full-time enrollment of Hispanic undergraduate students. HSIs include four-year and two-year public and private educational institutions. Over 250 schools qualify as HSIs.


    Military Academies: There are 5 military academies in the United States. The application process begins at the end of junior year. These institutions require recommendations and appointments by members of Congress.


    Vocational or Technical Schools:  Similar to a community college, they offer specific career-oriented programs that last from a few months to a couple of years. Most are specialized and offer intense training in one specific skill area.


    Gender-Specific Colleges: Typically Liberal Arts schools catering to all women or all men.