Trade Schools

  • If you have specific career goals, you may want to consider a college that trains you in that particular area. Trade schools allow you to take classes to turn your career goals into reality. While colleges are more broad-based, offering general education in addition to the base courses of a degree, trades schools focus on skill-based training. Therefore, your schooling is specific to the trade of your choice and prepares you for success in your field. 


    US Department of Education: Site to help students find Career Colleges and Technical Schools that match their career interests and goals.

    DVC's Certificate Programs: All community colleges have career development programs. These programs offer both pre-professional courses for transfer to a four-year college and two-year programs preparing students for direct work after completing community college courses. Programs prepare students with vocational skills for specific occupations.  

    ONet Career Exploration: Provides Career Clusters that contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Students can use Career Clusters to focus education plans towards obtaining the necessary knowledge, competencies, and training for success in a particular career pathway.

    Learn4Good: A search engine with state-by-state trade school options.

    UniversityHQ: Search engine for online degree and certificate programs.