• At Miramonte High School, we are committed to developing an antiracist culture that is inclusive of all students.  We see this work as happening throughout all our school systems.  It can be broadly categorized into four major initiatives: curriculum reform, policy and systems, culture and climate, and community engagement.


    Curriculum Reform

    GOAL: To redesign curriculum around ensuring incorporation of multiple perspectives and eliminating false narratives that perpetuate white supremacy.




    Continue to incorporate more literature by authors of color into the English curriculum by ensuring all English classes include at least one core text.

    August - May (teacher collaboration meetings) 

    English Department

    Identify gaps and missing content from the social studies curriculum and incorporate into all classes.

    August - May (teacher collaboration Meetings and professional development)

    Social Science Department

    Establish direction for all course-alike teams to identify one SMART goal around curricular changes for accountability.

    August Goal Development with Ongoing Monitoring (in teacher collaboration meetings)

    Course-Alike Leaders and Teams

    Policy and Systems

    GOAL: To examine current policy for structural racism, particularly the discipline matrix, and make changes that are culturally responsive and antiracist.




    Roll out explicit policy regarding the N-word on campus to all students and staff.

    August (through Breakout Session)


    Train all counselors and administrators on restorative practices and build systematically into the school.

    September (launch with training of staff)

    Administration, Counseling, Student Equity Leaders

    Establish antiracist guidelines for athletics and co curricular events and train coaches and staff.

    August - May (training during coaches Meetings)

    Administration, Athletic Director, Coaches

    Campus Culture

    GOAL: To build an antiracist culture at Miramonte that acknowledges the role of white privilege.




    Build a comprehensive curriculum for all students to engage in discussions on race.

    Monthly (through Breakout Sessions)

    Equity Leaders, District Consultant

    Support cultural and affinity group clubs on campus with schoolwide activities and events promoting diversity and inclusion.

    Monthly (during EquiTeam Meetings)

    Equity Leaders, Club Presidents, Leadership Class

    Develop a team of alumni leaders to help facilitate breakout sessions.

    August - May 

    Equity Coach, Alumni


    GOAL: To engage the community in antiracist education and advocacy.




    Develop and plan educational opportunities for parents and families.



    Coordinate efforts with all high schools in the district to share costs and best practices.

    Monthly meetings

    D&I leadership team

    Provide and update a list of resources for the Miramonte website for parents to access educational materials and other ways to support equality (i.e. donation resources & volunteer opportunities) and provide an opportunity for suggestions.

    Ongoing - updated a minimum of 2x/month

    D&I leadership team with Joe Ward and Tricia Young