• Click HERE to file a report to the Discrimination Response Service


    The Discrimination Response Service is a form for members of the Miramonte community to fill out if they have experienced acts of discrimination and would like support from our Discrimination Response Team.  Team members are:

    • Mr. Avila (Wellness Coordinator)
    • Mr. Caravalho (Associate Principal)
    • Mr. Fowley (Campus Supervisor)
    • Ms. Leishman (English Teacher)
    • Ms. Zapalac (Wellness Intake Specialist)

    If you are in immediate danger of harm or crisis, do not use this form. Use the Sandy Hook Say Something App, contact the Wellness Center, or reach out to a trusted adult. 


    What happens when I fill out the form?

    Step 1: If you have experienced discrimination, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, harassment, or hate speech, and would like support from our team, use the Discrimination Response Service to fill out a form. You are welcome to fill out the form with a teacher or trusted staff member if that makes you more comfortable!

    1. If your form is anonymous, the Discrimination Response Team will document the incident in order to monitor campus climate and recommend improvement areas, but will not be able to offer support to involved parties. 

    2. If your form is not anonymous, the Discrimination Response Team will be able to provide support while maintaining your confidentiality. Our priority is initiating conversation, not punishment. 


    Step 2: Within 24 hours, Mr. Caravalho, as the admin member of the Discrimination Response Team, will receive your form. 

    1. If the incident of discrimination violates the student code of conduct, Mr. Caravalho and other administrative members may initiate disciplinary action. 

    2. If the incident of discrimination would be better addressed by gathering information, offering Wellness support, and holding a restorative conversation with the students involved, Mr. Caravalho and the rest of the team meet to discuss. Our team is not a disciplinary body and does not give out punishments.


    Step 3: One or more members of the Discrimination Response Team work with the students involved to come to a resolution, which can include conversations, counseling, and education around discrimination and bias.

    1. Our aims include implementing responsive and preventative actions, ensuring multiple perspectives are held during conversations between students, and ensuring confidentiality and privacy. We approach all incidents with empathy, gravity, and respect.   


    Step 4: After a resolution is reached, the Discrimination Response Team reviews data from the reports in order to monitor campus climate, recommend improvements, and promote conversations around bias, diversity, and equity. All reports remain confidential. 


    Our team cares about all Miramonte community members! We hope to build trust, understanding, and growth as we work together to improve our school.