• A parent or guardian must call the attendance office during the school day if they are going to miss a class for any reason, including being late to the 1st class of the day.
    • To clear an absence, a parent or guardian must call the attendance recorder.  Absences not cleared after 24 hours will be recorded as unexcused.
    • Students who must miss class during school hours must have a parent call the recorder prior to the time of the appointment.
    • Students coming to school late must make sure a parent/guardian calls the recorder to clear the absence within 24 hours.
    • Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office before missing any classes.
    • Failure to follow these procedures will result in the absence recorded as a cut. Parents/guardians are unable to clear this type of absence after the fact.
    • If a parent needs to excuse a student and the student is unaware that they need to leave, the parent should call the Attendance Office.
    • All doctor's notes can be sent to rsallee@auhsdschools.org or brought to the Attendance Office.

    Phone number: (925) 280-3933