Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

  • HBCUs encompass over 100 public and private institutions established for the primary purpose of educating Black Americans. The majority of the HBCUs are located in the Southeastern states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands. HBCUs comprise 3% of America's higher education institutions yet enroll 16% of all Black students in higher education and award 24% of all baccalaureate degrees earned by Black students nationwide. Students can apply to 60+ HBCUs by completing just one application: the Common Black College Application (CBCA). The CBCA allows students to submit a single application to all participating member institutions for $20, interact with school counselors, and learn more about HBCUs. By completing the CBCA, you can apply to numerous HBCUs without completing a separate application for each institution. 


    If an HBCU you are interested in is not on the CBCA, you will need to fill out that school’s appropriate application platform to apply. Some HBCUs are on the Common Application, and others have Institutional Applications.



    Common Black College Application: Can be used for 65 member HBCUs. Cost is $20 and students can apply to as many of the schools as they would like, ranking their top four choices.

    The Hundred-Seven: Searchable database of HBCU academic programs.