Sophomore Year: Expansion

  • From a college perspective, if your first year is about getting to know Miramonte, sophomore year is about getting to know yourself. So spend these nine months expanding your understanding of what makes you "you," and then start to take steps to put that understanding into action. Getting to know yourself is how you will build your authentic story that you will share with colleges one day.


    How do you do this? Ask yourself: what gets you excited, makes you happy, intrigues you? Once you have uncovered the answers, start to notice the "threads" that weave throughout your life. These "threads" represent your authentic values, skills, and interests. 


    Be mindful and take the initiative to align your values, skills, and interests with the classes you take, clubs you join, and how you spend your time outside of Miramonte. Then, deepen your involvement where you can. Pay particular attention to the subjects that inspire you and embrace opportunities to learn more (one of these subjects may someday become your college major). 


    In December we will launch our Getting To Know Yourself workbook to help guide you through the process. Additionally, we recommend taking several personality assessments in Naviance. Once you understand yourself, you can better understand the type of college that will one day be the best fit for you.