First-Year – Explore

    • Create your new community - Our first-year initiative that launches in December
    • Create a four-year plan of courses to enroll in at MHS. Think about what subjects you enjoy and might want to dive deeper into. Look at the course catalog and talk to your counselor. 
    • Explore extracurricular activities. Find clubs and activities that excite you and that align with your values, skills, and interests. 
    • Develop your time management and study skills.
    • First-year students are introduced to the C&CC in December to learn about the resources available throughout high school. We have college information, host visits and events, career speakers and workshops, highlight leadership/volunteer opportunities, summer enrichment, and more.
    • Plan a summer experience that helps you expand your world.
    • Athletes: Familiarize yourself with the NCAA and NAIA requirements.