California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    CSF is a type of honors club at Miramonte that recognizes high academic achievement. Eligibility is determined through a point system based on course load and specific semester grades. Students that have been members for 4 of their last 6 semesters of high school (including one senior year) receive Lifetime Membership. Lifetime Membership is acknowledged with a CSF stole worn at Graduation.  Students will aslo recieve a certificate and pin.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I become a member of CSF?

    To become a CSF member, students will first fill out an application to determine if they are eligible (instructions are on the application).  If the student is eligible, they can then pay dues during the registration period.  A grade of a D or an F in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify, disqualifies a student from membership during that time period.   

    Eligible students become members by submitting an application based on their previous semester grades.  Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods.  Registration needs to be completed each semester to be a member for that semester.

    Students can pay their dues on the webstore.  CSF is under ‘clubs.’ There will be a link to the application on the webstore as well. 

    Registration is not complete until the application and payment for dues are received.


    Are 9th graders able to become members?

    Yes, but 9th grade grades do not count towards the 4 semesters needed for Lifetime Membership.


    Why should a student consider being a part of CSF?

    If a student earns ‘Lifetime membership’ during their senior year they get a gold stole and pin to wear at graduation.  Students will also receive a gold seal on their diploma, a certificate and ‘CSF Lifetime Member’ will be recorded on their transcript.


    How do students become Lifetime Members?

    A student becomes a Lifetime member if they have at least 4 semesters of membership (filling out an application and paying dues during the registration period).  One of the four semesters needs to be from Senior year grades.  In order to be recognized at the Awards Ceremony students should use Fall Senior year grades.  Spring grades from Senior year can count towards the 4 needed but students need to see Ms. Vasquez to get an application during Spring semester Finals.


    When is the application period each year?

    September 15-30 (for Spring semester) and Feb. 15-28 (for Fall semester).  The spring grades will be captured the following academic year.


    What happens if a student misses the application deadline?

    Membership is neither automatic nor compulsory.  The CSF by-laws require an eligible student to actually apply for membership during the registration period.  Retroactive membership is prohibited.


    Why are there dues?

    The dues help pay for the yearly chapter fee for CSF.  They also help pay for the gold stole, pin and certificate that students receive if they are Lifetime Members.