• Foods 1: Foods 1 is the first course in a comprehensive standards-based culinary arts sequence. The class will enable students to understand basic nutrition, food preparation techniques, care and use of equipment, consumer education, entertaining, kitchen safety and sanitation. 

    Foods Advanced and International Cuisine: This course focuses on understanding the differences and commonalities we have with other cultures around the world. A common denominator in studying world cultures is cuisine. In studying the cuisine of a people or a region, we learn about a country’s geography and climate, traditions, taboos and social mores, unique adaptations caused by environment on a food supply, pressures on a population to trade, export, import, permit a closed or open society, and cultural values. Students will acquire a greater understanding of their world and the cultural diversity that exists in their own community. If the school site offers this course as an ROP course, the student must be in 11th or 12th grade in order to enroll.