Public Speaking

  • Curriculum Whether you follow current events, love acting and theater, or seek to overcome nerves and stage-fright, we can help! By surveying twelve different types of speech and at least two debate formats, students learn communication skills that challenge them to push beyond their comfort zones and allow them to shine at their specialties. All class periods include beginners and advanced performers. This unique, mixed-level, classroom culture fosters friendship and mentoring.

    Oral Interpretation: First year Public Speakers are enrolled in our entry level Oral Interp. class, for which they receive Visual and Performing Arts credits required for college. "Rookies" in all grade levels are welcome to join and will sample many formats of speech and debate.

    Public Speaking II, III, IV: Students may continue in the program by enrolling in these advanced English Elective courses. These "veterans" achieve mastery by mentoring newer students and specializing in their favorite speech and debate formats.