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    AUHSD Medication Form   - All medication on campus requires medical authorization from a medical provider, as well as a parent's signature.  This includes all over-the-counter medication.  We encourage all non-emergency medication to be stored in the health office for dispensing.  


    AUHSD Asthma Action Plan with Medication Form    - If your child requires Asthma medication on campus  


    Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan ECP-FAAP Plan  - For allergies requiring emergency medication administration if exposed or ingested.  


    SCHOOL Seizure Action Plan  - For school guidelines on management of seizures during school activities.  


    Diabetic School Care Plan   - For diabetic management during school activities.  Please complete and attach a copy of your Diabetic Medical Management Plan from your provider


    Migraine Care Plan - For migraine and severe headache symptom management during school activities.  Please complete this form with your provider.  If your student needs to carry medication with them for immediate treatment of symptoms, please have your provider also complete our AUHSD Medication Form (above).       


    AUHSD Doctors Office Visit Form  - Please complete with your health care provider for any medical visits/conditions requiring support from the health office on campus.