• Campolindo Student Union


    Campolindo is excited to announce that peer-mediation services will now be offered through our newly formed Student Union. The Student Union is dedicated to fostering a campus culture of inclusivity and belonging by helping students resolve differences and misunderstandings through respectful and mindful communication. The Student Union mediators are supervised and trained by Molly Kerr, who is Campolindo’s Equity Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)  and longtime Social Studies teacher. All peer mediators also received training on how to facilitate restorative conversations with Circle Up Education.


    Who are the Student Union Peer Mediators? 

    • Trained Leadership Students. 


    Where and When are Student Union Mediation Services offered?

    • Fourth Period in room F5 (Molly Kerr’s classroom)


    Why Might a Student Seek Peer Mediation help?  

    • Students are seeking guidance on how to . . .

      • Repair and/or navigate friendship misunderstandings

      • Resolve conflicts on sports teams or in extracurricular clubs

      • Navigate interactions with teachers and practice self-advocacy

      • Be an effective upstander when witnessing any bias incidents on campus

      • Make meaningful connections and build friendships

      • Contribute to a more inclusive campus culture


    How can Student Union Services be Accessed? 

    • By completing the  Student Union Help Inquiry Form. Molly Kerr will screen all inquiry forms to determine if peer mediation is appropriate. A peer mediator will be assigned and a subsequent meeting will be scheduled during 4th period. Student confidentiality will be maintained and all Peer Mediators and participants will be required to sign a Promise of Confidentiality