• Work Permit Instructions:

    Note: This information below is for Campolindo High School students only.  Each school handles their own student work permits.
    We know many students have job opportunities and need to submit work permits to their employers. Please keep this information handy for reference as it details what to do if our students will be working this school year.
    Once the student has an offer of employment:
    1) Download this California Work Permit. https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/dlseformB1-1.pdf
    2) Fill out the student information and sign it, then have the parent / guardian, and the employer fill out and sign their respective sections.  
    3) Scan the work permit to YOUR AUHSD school, if applying during the school year. 

    At Campolindo HS, send it to Ms. Sliwinski in the Attendance Office (email: ssliwnski@auhsdschools.org) or drop it off in person.   

    During the summer, please send the completed application to Ms. Han at the District Office at jhan@auhsdschools.org.
    4) Once we receive the work permit application, we will process it and let the student know when they can pick it up from the office.