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    eScrip is a free and easy fundraising program that automatically earns money for Campolindo through purchases made at hundreds of eScrip merchants such as Safeway, Diablo Foods, and Lunardi's. Last year, Campolindo High School received over $37,000 in donations from eScrip merchants. Please support Campolindo by registering your Safeway Club Card and debit/credit cards, and eScrip merchants will make contributions to Campolindo based on your purchases--at no cost to you!

    How do I register for eScrip?

    Register online at http://www.escrip.com. Select “Sign up” if you were never signed up with eScrip before. (To update your previous eScrip account, go to #2 below.) Follow the steps on-line to sign up, selecting Campolindo High School, or our group ID 137107305. Enter your Safeway Club Card and credit/debit cards. If you don't know your Safeway Club Card # (the number on your red Safeway Card, not the telephone number that you enter at checkout) call Safeway at 1-877-723-3929. It is important to register your credit and debit cards too, so Campolindo can receive donations from purchases at Diablo Foods and all other eScrip merchants.

    OR email your Safeway Club Card number to Campolindo's eScrip Coordinator, LarraOrtiz@comast.net and she'll help you.

    New in 2013, Safeway no longer makes contributions when payments are made with a credit card.  Where possible, please use any payment method (debit card, cash, check) other than credit cards when shopping safeway

    What if I'm already registered with eScrip and support another organization (such as my elementary or middle school)?

    You can support up to three organizations, so you can add Campolindo or change your account to support only Campolindo. Donations are divided equally among organizations if you support multiple groups.

    To Add/Change to Campolindo: Visit http://www.escrip.com/ and go to "my escrip," then after accessing your account with your password, go to “account administration” to update your “group selection.” Select Campolindo High School; our group ID is 137107305.

    OR email Campolindo's eScrip Coordinator, LarraOrtiz@comcast.net telling her which group(s) you'd like your account to support, and she'll do it for you.

    How do I update my credit card information?

    Go to http://www.escrip.com/, click on "my eScrip" and enter your personal ID# and password to review your account. Go to “Register credit and debit cards” and enter each card and card number. Don’t worry - protecting your personal information is a top priority. The site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of information and uses state of-the-art encryption. The web server and database reside behind a firewall in a secure datacenter with fault tolerance, offsite backup, and firewall protection. eScrip maintains a multi-tiered system with no direct access to the database.

    How do I renew my eScrip Safeway Card?

    Its easy! Please renew your Safeway Club Card by visiting eScrip's home page at http://www.escrip.com/ and clicking "yes, renew" on the red checkmark. (Note: The absence of the renewal link indicates that your card does not need to be renewed.) You must renew every year by November 1st or Safeway stops all donations linked to that card.

    Do I have to show my Safeway Club Card when I buy groceries or does it matter how I pay for my groceries?

    You do need to scan in your club card or type in your phone number at the Safeway register in order to receive benefits. The bottom of the receipt will indicate that eScrip was notified of the purchase. Your method of payment does not affect your eScrip donation or Club Card Savings.

    What if I do not shop at Safeway?

    Register your credit and debit/ATM cards. When you shop at other eScrip merchants they will donate money to Campolindo. eScrip merchants include Diablo Foods, Lunardi's, various restaurants and 700+ online merchants. To view all eScrip merchants, visit www.eScrip.com and select "family of merchants,” or Click here to view a short list of local merchants.

    What about airline miles and other rewards associated with credit/debit cards?

    You will continue to earn airline miles, special bonuses, and other rewards associated with your cards. The eScrip donation you earn has nothing to do with the other benefits that you currently receive.

    Can my friends and family support Campolindo with their purchases?

    Absolutely! You need not be a parent to join the program. Ask the grandparents, friends, relatives, etc. to sign up…it's quick and easy, and it costs them nothing!

    Why do businesses participate in eScrip?

    It's a great way to build customer loyalty and contribute to their communities. When parents know that a merchant is going to donate to their student's school, most parents will be more likely to shop there.

    More Questions?

    Contact your eScrip coordinator LarraOrtiz@comcast.net