• Campolindo offers Naviance as an online college exploration tool for its students. Students are introduced to Naviance in their freshman year, use it to explore career options as sophomores, and start preparation for college applications during their junior and senior years. Students and parents can access their accounts through Family Connection.



    • Log into Naviance and list all Colleges you are applying to in the “Colleges I’m Applying To” tab.   Please also indicate whether you are using the Common App or Coalition Application for those schools that accept either application.  Make sure that you maintain accurate college lists in Naviance and Common App.  Please notify your counselor if you are planning on applying Early Action or Early Decision.

    • Spring/Summer 

      • Build your resume on resume builder (About Me tab)

      • Complete  the Campolindo Student Statement (About Me tab, click on the “Surveys from Your School” link)

      • Have your parents fill out the Parent Brag Sheet (About Me tab, click on the “Surveys from Your School” link).  You will need to give them your Naviance login information to access your account.

      • If you are applying to schools requiring a Teacher Recommendation: 

        • Please talk to the teachers you would like to write your letter first (ideally in person)

        • Request a letter of recommendation from them in Naviance (Colleges tab using the “Letters of Recommendation” link)

        • Fill out Teacher Recommendation surveys in (About Me tab, click on the “Surveys from Your School” link).  Please note that some teachers have their own form or survey they prefer students complete.  Discuss with teachers what form/survey they would prefer you complete.

      • Make an appointment with Mrs. Batcheller in the College Career Center if you need help building your college list

      • Start writing your application essays over the summer

    • Summer/Fall 2022 - If you are applying to Common App schools:

      • Go to Common App and start an account.  Fill out the education section first and then complete the FERPA waiver section of the Common Application.

      • Connect Naviance and the Common Application.  Click on the “Colleges I’m Applying To” tab and then the “Match Accounts” red link.

      • If you are applying Early Decision, fill out the ED agreement with your parents electronically

    • Transcripts:  We do not charge a fee for transcripts.  You can request transcripts for your colleges by following the “Transcript Orders” link on the Campolindo Counseling website.  Please keep the following in mind:

      • UCs and CSUs do not want transcripts unless they ask for them

      • Private schools and most out of state schools want transcripts to be submitted

      • Make sure that ALL of your colleges are listed in Naviance.  Transcripts are submitted electronically for most colleges through Naviance, so your college list must be up to date

    • ACT/SAT Scores:

      • Many colleges allow for self-reporting of test scores. Check the requirements for each college before paying for official reports. Send your scores to each school that requires them.

      • Campolindo does not send out test scores–students must order official score reports directly from the testing agencies and have them submitted to colleges that require them.

    If someone wrote a letter of recommendation for you, write a hand-written thank you note to each person who did so (counselor, teacher, coach, boss, etc.) once your applications have been submitted. It is also thoughtful to let them all know where you’ve been accepted and ultimately where you plan to attend.

    Important sites:

    www.commonapp.org  (private and many out of state public colleges)

    www.calstate.edu  (Cal State University)

    https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply-now.html (University of California)