• Campolindo offers Naviance as an online college exploration tool for its students. Students are introduced to Naviance in their freshmen year, use it during their sophomore Career Project, and start preparation for college applications during their junior and senior years. Students and parents can access their accounts through Family ConnectionThe dates included in the checklist below are for the next application cycle for current Juniors (Class of 2020):

    Log into Naviance (http://connection.naviance.com/campolindo) and list all Colleges you are applying to using the Colleges tab.  Username is your student ID number and password is your network password. Please indicate the application deadlines for each school.  Please also indicate whether you are using the Common App for those schools that use it.  Make sure that you maintain accurate college lists in Naviance and Common App. Notify your counselor ASAP if you decide to apply Early Action/Decision.
    If someone writes a letter of recommendation for you, write a hand-written thank you note to each person who did so (counselor, teacher, coach, boss, etc.) once your applications have been submitted. It is also thoughtful to let them all know where you’ve been accepted and ultimately where you plan to attend.  
    Spring/Summer 2019:
    1. Build your resume on resume builder (About Me tab). 

    2. Fill out the Campolindo Student Statement (About Me tab).

    3. Have your parents fill out the Parent Brag Sheet (About Me tab).  You will need to give parents your Naviance log in info and let them log into your account.

    4. If you are applying to schools requiring a Teacher Recommendation:

                      o Please only ask for one teacher recommendation unless your college requires two teacher                 recommendations. Talk to the teachers you would like to write your letter in person first.

                    o Request a letter of rec from them in Naviance (Colleges tab).

                    o Fill out Teacher Recommendation survey in (About Me tab).

    5. Make an appointment with Mrs. Batcheller in the College Career Center, Room A13.

    6. Start writing your application essays over the summer.

    Summer/Fall 2019 (If you are applying to Common App schools):
    1.  Go to Common App and start an account.  Fill out the education section first then the FERPA waiver (check “yes”) under the “My Colleges" tab. 

    2. In Naviance, fill out the red Common App box (Colleges I’m Applying To) to connect the two accounts.

    3. List ALL of the schools to which you are applying in your Common App.

    4. If you are applying Early Decision, fill out the ED agreement with your parents electronically.

    Transcripts Fall 2019: 
    DUE DATES:  October 15, 2019 for all EA/ED applicants and November 15, 2019 for all other applicants. Please note that we will not start sending out official transcripts until the third week of school after the class change window closes.
    1. In most cases, request and pay for transcripts to be sent to private schools and out of state publics only.  UCs and CSUs do not want them unless they ask for them.

    2. Make sure that ALL of your colleges are listed in NAVIANCE. 

    3. Request transcripts on Naviance first. Then go to the webstore to pay for them. Follow the instructions on the Campolindo Webstore to pay for transcript online ($5 per transcript). List all of the schools you are paying for in the COMMENTS section on the Webstore. You must do both steps: Naviance and webstore. Payment serves as your official request.

    4. If you add additional schools after your initial transcript request has been paid for it is your responsibility to pay for any additional transcripts on the Campolindo Webstore. 
    ACT/SAT Scores Fall 2019:
    Send your scores to each school. Do not wait until you have submitted your applications. (For both SAT and ACT for UC/CSU – send to one school and it will be distributed to the entire system. If you plan to retake tests in the fall, we strongly recommend September and October sittings so that scores will be ready for any application deadline. 


    Important sites:

    https://www.acalanes.k12.ca.us/chscollegecareer (Campolindo College Career Center)

    www.commonapp.org  (Private Schools)

    www.csumentor.edu  (Cal State University)

    https://admissions.ucop.edu/pathways (University of California)

    wiche.edu/wue (Western out of state publics)