• Social/Emotional and Mental Health 


  • District and school staff are committed to supporting students’ social emotional wellness and offering resources and support as students transition back to school. Support may include wellness check-ins, social emotional learning, building relationships, and increased access to mental health/wellness services. 


    Every school in AUHSD has a Wellness Center offering the following:

    • Wellness check-ins and activities
    • Telehealth counseling services by interns and trainees
    • Parent support, school/home connection
    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and suicide prevention (SP)
    • Bring Change to Mind Club
    • Trauma-informed practices through lens of equity
    • Class and cohort academy presentations about adolescent health, mental health, and substance abuse (TUPE)
    • Linkage to local resources and care coordination while protecting privacy (FERPA)
    • In-person counseling with permission and prior arrangement
    • Caring adults from diverse backgrounds


    Telehealth Services:

    Online counseling, also known as telehealth, provides social, emotional, and behavioral support services over the internet via video conferencing, online chat, or phone call. Telehealth services are provided with permission / informed consent by: Wellness Coordinators, Mental Health Interns, School Psychologists, Counseling Staff and Partnership Agencies.


    Additional Resources:

    Please note that these resources link to external websites and services providers.

  • Access Wellness Services: