Equity Work at Campolindo: 

    An Overview of Current Initiatives and a Commitment to Do More


    As racial equity work at Campolindo expands, transparency and accountability are essential. The site administration is partnering with students, staff, and parents to ensure that all stakeholders receive timely information about challenges and progress. The Parents Club Bulletin, the Campo Daily Bulletin, the school's website, and Principal messages will include updates on the school's racial equity work. Groups such as the Campolindo School Site Council, Parents Club, Instructional Council, Equity Team, ASB Leadership, and Diversity and Inclusion Committee regularly address racial equity efforts.


    The Campolindo Pledge

    In August 2021, students had an opportunity to learn about and take the Campolindo Pledge. You may review the pledge via the following link: Campolindo Pledge 2021.


    Parent Partnerships

    Over the past three years, Campolindo has hosted multiple parent education events on diversity and equity. These events were not well attended. Last fall, the Campolindo Parents Club started the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and recent meetings of this group have been powerful. School and parent leaders will work to ensure that racial equity work is not tangential to the school's traditional priorities. Racial equity work needs to be central. Through parent forums, presentations, book clubs, advocacy, and other strategies, the school-parent partnership around racial equity will be strong. For more information about the Diversity and Inclusion Committee email coordinator@dnicampo.com or visit the Campolindo Diversity and Inclusion Committee's website.