Career Technical Education


    Acalanes Union High School District requires that students complete 20 credits in the Breadth area of the graduation requirements. Career Technical Education is in the Breadth graduation requirements area.


    AUHSD students have the following Breadth requirement: 20 credits taken in any of the following areas: World language, American Sign Language, or Career Technical Education.


    Please visit our Graduation Requirements page for additional information regarding CTE graduation and college admission requirements.


    AUHSD offers multiple pathways to promote student access to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses. Numerous CTE courses offered in the four high schools are UC approved as College Preparatory courses. UC approved courses are designated as such in the AUHSD Course Catalog.


    All courses taught in the Acalanes Union High School District follow Board approved courses of study. Below are AUHSD courses of study for courses offered withing the Career Technical Education Department. Please note that Advanced Placement (AP) courses follow College Board courses of study. The courses below are offered in the district however not all courses are offered at each AUHSD school site. Please visit the AUHSD Course Catalog to determine if a particular course is offered at your school site.


     Architectural Design  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Automotive Engineering; ROP  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Automotive Engineering Advanced; ROP  Course of Study  In Development
     Computer Integrated Manufacturing; PLTW  Course of Study  In Development
     Digital Electronics; PLTW  Course of Study  In Development
     Introduction to Computer Programming  Course of Study  In Development
     Introduction to Engineering Design ROP   Course of Study  In Development
     Introduction to Engineering Desing; PLTW  Course of Study  In Development
     Principles of Engineering; PLTW  Course of Study  In Development
     Foods 1  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Foods 2  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Foods Advanced; Baking  In Development  In Development
     Foods Advanced; International Cuisine  In Development  In Development
     Introductory Wood Technology  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Advanced Wood Technology  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Design and Fabrication Technology  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Design and Fabrication Technology Advanced  Course of Study  Grading Components
     Medical Technologies ROP  Course of Study  In Development