Athletic PE



    Acalanes Union High School District requires each student to complete two years (20 credits) of Physical Education to obtain a high school diploma. Up to 10 credits, of the 20 required for graduation, may be earned through Athletic PE.


    To be eligible to participate in Athletic PE in 2021-2022 students must:

    • Complete PE 9
    • Be enrolled in grade 10 or 11 (this option is not open to grade 12 students)
    To obain credits, eligible students must:
    • Participate in the CIF approved (school sponsored) sport. Each season of sport counts for 5 credits.
    • Complete the Athletic PE Contract/Application
    • Complete weekly time cards recording hours spent on athletic activites. 70 hours must be completed to obtain 5 credits. 
    • Complete the season of sport

    Required Forms for Athletic PE:

    Contract and Application Form

    Weekly Athletic PE Timecard


     2021-2022 Contract Deadlines:

    • Fall Sports - Monday, August 30
    • Winter Sports - Monday, November 29
    • Spring Sports - Monday, February 28


     Independent Study PE 2021-2022

    • Available only to juniors and ACIS students in the 2021-22 school year

    Independent Study PE Contract 

    Independent Study PE Timecard 



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