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  • Volunteer Awards

    Miramonte offers two levels of awards for community service; The Mirmamonte Service Award and The Presidential Service Award.


    What is the President’s Volunteer Service Award?

    The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a highly coveted award that recognizes the contributions of volunteers who have demonstrated   outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over the course of a 12-month period.


    What is the Miramonte High School Volunteer Service Award?

    Similar to the PVSA, this award recognizes students with significant volunteer service hours within a 12-month period who fall short of achieving the President’s award levels.


    What is the 12-month period?

    Both the PVSA and Miramonte HIgh School Volunteer Service Award periods run from April 1 - March 31.


    What are the service award levels?

    Hours are measured over a 12-month period and awards are designated based on cumulative hours.  The PVSA is offered in multiple levels and is designed to recognize each milestone of your service achievement.  Levels include bronze, silver and gold. The Miramonte High School Award has a single level.


    Does my age determine the service award level?

    Yes.  Each level has an age category; Teen (ages 11-15) and Young Adult (ages 16-25) .  The age category is determined by your age at the end of the 12-month period reported.  Students with service hours both before and after turning 16 years may consider reporting ONLY the hours served up to their 16th birthday in order to qualify for the Teen (under 16) category. 



    President’s Volunteer Service Award

    Age Category

    MHS Award




    Teen (ages 11-15)

    30 hours

    50-74 hours

    75-99 hours

    100+ hours

    Young Adult (ages 16-25)

    30 hours

    100-174 hours

    175-249 hours

    250+ hours

    All hours by age must be within the 12-month period and not overlap with a prior award time period


    What are the qualifications?

    • Service hours must by unpaid and not earn school credit.
    • Service hours must not include court-ordered community service.
    • Service hours related to political lobbying or political campaign work do not count.
    • Service hours for religious instruction or worship do not count.
    • Service hours must be for an organization based in the United States or Puerto Rico.  Service hours outside of the U.S. can qualify if the service is for a U.S/Puerto Rico-based organization.
    • The President’s Volunteer Service Award is awarded only to U.S. citizens and legal residents; there are no residency restrictions to earn the Miramonte High School Volunteer Service Award.

    What is the Graduation Stole Recognition?

    Beginning with the graduating class of 2021, students who have earned a minimum of 300 hours of volunteer service, over the course of 3 years will be eligible for the Graduation Stole Recognition.  


    What are the qualifications for the Graduation Stole Recognition?

    • You must earn the President’s Service Award for 3 years beginning with your freshman year.
    • You must complete a minimum of 300 hours of volunteer service; 50 of those hours must be completed in your senior year before December 15.