Community Service

What Qualifies?

  • What are the qualifications?

    • Service hours must be unpaid and not earn school credit.
    • Service hours must not include court-ordered community service.
    • Service hours related to political lobbying or political campaign work do not qualify.
    • Service hours for religious instruction or worship do not qualify.
    • Unpaid work for a business is considered an internship, benefitting the student and the business, and will not count as active volunteer hours.
    • Service hours must be for an organization based in the United States or Puerto Rico.  Service hours outside of the U.S. can qualify if the service is for a U.S/Puerto Rico-based organization.
    • The President’s Volunteer Service Award is awarded only to U.S. citizens and legal residents; there are no residency restrictions to earn the Miramonte High School Volunteer Service Award.


    What are some examples of qualifying service activities?


    Qualifying Service Examples

    Non-Qualifying Service Examples

    • MHS Peer Mentoring
    • Contra Costa Food Bank
    • Boy Scout and Girl Scout volunteer service
    • National Charity League or Boys Team Charity
    • Hospital (John Muir)
    • Special Olympics
    • Mission Trips (organizations must be in the U.S. or Puerto Rico)
    • Key Club activities
    • Latin Convention or Ludi when hosted by Miramonte (as long as it does not earn Magis points)
    • Peer tutoring (not for a grade)
    • Voter registration
    • Wagner Ranch Nature Area activities
    • Link Crew
    • Babysitting
    • Religious worship
    • Leadership activities through the Leadership class
    • Fostering animals
    • Sports Medicine volunteer hours required for class
    • Court-ordered community service
    • Politically-related lobbying or campaign work
    • Latin Club activities that earn Magis points
    • Peer Tutoring for a grade
    • Meetings and travel time


    What are the guidelines around what service activities qualify?




    Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Charity League, and Boys Team Charity

    Volunteer hours qualify as long as they are active volunteer hours.  Hours for meetings, events, and financial donations will not receive credit.  You will not receive credit for hours worked by others supporting your project. 

    Performing Arts (Drama/Choir/Band)

    Most performance time is considered extra-curricular and does not count.  Performing at a community event or fundraiser for free is considered service hours if there is no school credit and no payment. Performing at church or a school musical would not count as it is considered extra-curricular. Travel time, meetings and practice hours do not count.


    Students volunteering at an overnight camp should only include hours in which they are actively working.  Meals, sleeping, and non-active volunteer time do not count.

    Mission Trips

    Only active volunteer hours count.  You may not include hours spent traveling, sleeping, eating, team bonding, etc.

    Religious Organizations

    Activities benefiting those outside the religious organization are eligible (i,e, food banks) while activities benefiting the religious organization are considered extra-curricular (i.e. choir, youth group, altar server) and do not count. 

    Political Activities and Voter Registration

    Political lobbying or campaign work does not qualify.  Non-partisan voter registration is eligible.

    Internships and Volunteer Work for a Business

    Unpaid work for a business is considered an internship, benefitting the student and the business, and will not count as active volunteer hours.