Physical Education



    Acalanes Union High School District requires each student to complete two years (20 credits) of Physical Education to obtain a high school diploma. 


    AUHSD students are required to complete 20 credits in the area of Physical Education.  10 credits may be earned by eligible students by participating in CIF approved athletics. Additional information is available on the Athletic PE PageAUHSD Graduation Requirements page, and on the PE Pathway Chart.


    All courses taught in the Acalanes Union High School district follow a Board approved course of study. Below are AUHSD courses of study for courses offered within the Physical Education Department. The courses below are offered in the district, however not all courses are offered at each AUHSD school site. Please visit the AUHSD Course Catalog to determine if a certain course is offered at a specific school site.

    Please note that the list below reflects current (2016-2017) course offerings. The list will be updated with the new course offerings in January 2017.
    Physical Education (PE) 9  Course of Study  Grading Components
    Net Sports  Course of Study  Grading Components
    Team Sports  Course of Study  Grading Components
    Weight Training  Course of Study  Grading Components
    Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Training  Course of Study  Grading Components