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    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building unless otherwise noted.
    Apple classes- SPRING & SUMMER 2021                                    



    iPhone 101 - 8 classes                           

    In this eight-session class, we’ll cover the basics of using your iPhone. Whether you want to make a phone call, use FaceTime to see who you’re talking to, surf the web, send an email, make a grocery list, listen to music, or more, we’ll touch on it in this class. Bring your iPhone (updated to the latest version of iOS 14) and your questions and get more out of your iPhone than you ever thought possible.  

    246381 W,Th   6/9-7/1 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $110/Seniors $99 Matthews 
    Apple Watch 1:01 - 4 classes

    Just like an iPhone does more than make a phone call, an Apple Watch does much more than just tell time. It's a great device for health and fitness, and its notification and communication features can keep you on track and in touch all day long. Bring your Apple Watch and your iPhone, both updated to watchOS 7 and iOS 14, respectively, and find out how to escape your phone from time to time. 

    246342 Th,F 4/8-4/16 Noon-2pm Online Reg $60/Seniors $54 Matthews
    Mac Basics - 8 classes                           

    Mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad are playing an ever-larger role in all of our lives. But sometimes a Mac is the best tool for the job. If you’re new to the Mac, this class will get you on your way. If not, it will serve as a good refresher. And we’ll have plenty of time for questions. Bring your own Mac updated to the latest version of macOS Big Sur.

    246380 M,T 6/7-6/29  9:30-11:30am Online Reg $110/Seniors $99 Matthews 
    Learn Pages on the Mac - 3 classes

    Pages is Apple’s word processor and it runs on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in a web browser. You can create beautiful documents, including newsletters, flyers, certificates, basic letters, and books. It can even open Word documents and save its own files as Word documents. And did we mention that it’s free? Bring your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS and find out why Pages might be all the word processor you’ll ever need.

    246382 T,W,Th 7/6-7/8 9:30-11:30pm Online Reg $40/Seniors $36 Matthews
    Learn Keynote on the Mac - 3 classes

     Keynote is Apple’s free presentation software, and if you ever have to make a presentation, either in person or over the internet, this is the tool you’ll want to have. It’s easy to use and includes gorgeous animations, transitions, and templates. It works on all Apple devices, from the Mac to the iPhone, and you can collaborate with others online. If you need to create a presentation that will stand out, then Keynote is what you want.

    246387 T,W,Th 7/13-7/15 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $40/Seniors $36 Matthews
    Photos: Take, Organize, and Share - 3 classes
    The best camera is the one you have with you, and for many of us, that camera is your iPhone. We’ll run through all the features of the iPhone’s built-in Camera app. We’ll also go over how Apple’s Photos app makes organizing your photos and sharing them a breeze, whether you’re using a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad…or even an iPod Touch or Apple TV. Bring your iPad or iphone to class, and make sure they’ve been updated to the latest version of iPadOS or iOS. 
    246384 T, W,Th 7/13-7/15 Noon-2pm Online Reg $40/Seniors $36 Matthews 


    All About iCloud - 1 class 
    iCloud securely stores your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more — and keeps them updated across all your devices so you always have access to what you want, wherever you want it. iCloud also includes services such as backup, Find my iPhone, and secure password syncing. Even if you have only one Apple device, iCloud can be a vital service for you. Bring your Macs, iPads, and iPhones and we’ll make sure they’re set up properly and ready to go. Note: Students should update their devices to the most recent macOS, iOS and iPadOS versions before the class.  
    246388  W 7/7 Noon-2pm Online Reg $20/Seniors $18   Matthews
    Wallet and Apple Pay - 1 class                        
    Apple is steadily working to move everything in your physical wallet to a digital wallet on your iPhone. You can store all types of passes in your digital wallet (boarding passes, sporting events, and concert tickets), along with credit cards, ATM/debit cards, loyalty, and membership cards, coupons, and an Apple Pay Cash card. If you want to make it easier to pay for things, bring your iPhone and Apple Watch to this class and get them set up for Apple Pay. 
    246241 F 4/23 1-3pm Online Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews
    246586  Th 7/1 12 -2pm Online Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    iPhone Tips and Tricks- 1 class

    Seems like there is a smartphone in everyone's pocket. But if you want to go beyond the basics and learn how to make using the keyboard easier, use gestures to speed up using your device, send messages with flair, print, and more, then this class is for you. Bring your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS.

    246344 M 4/26 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    Mind Your Health - 1 class
     Your iPhone can collect health data about you, including daily footsteps and the flights of stairs you climb. Pair your iPhone with an Apple Watch, and it can perform periodic heart rate measurements. Third-party apps can also track additional data. Your iPhone can also download health records and contain your Medical ID, including emergency contacts. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch, updated to the latest version of their operating system.
    246345 T 4/27  9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    iPad Tips and Tricks  - 1 class                           

    The beauty of the iPad is that virtually anyone of any age can pick one up and start using it without hours of training. But if you want to go beyond the basics and learn how to make using the keyboard easier, run multiple apps at one time, use gestures to speed up using your device, make PDFs, and more, then this class is for you. Bring your iPad updated to the latest version of iPadOS.

    246343 M 5/10 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    Messages...and More - 1 class                          
    Text messages used to be pretty bland, expensive, and hard to type. But the world of messaging has changed. Messages can include emoji, pictures, video, sound, handwriting…and even fireworks. We’ll run through all the capabilities of Apple’s Messages app. Bring your Apple devices and make sure they’re all running the latest version of macOS or iOS.  
    246244 M 4/12 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews
    Much Ado About Noting  - 1 class 
    Lurking on your Apple device is what looks to be a humble app called Notes. But it’s packed with powerful features, including checklists, tables, sketches, searchable handwriting, and the ability to add photos, videos, and even scanned documents. And you can share notes, let others collaborate on them, and lock them.  
    246548 5/28 9:30-11:30am Online  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    Read Any Good eBooks Lately - 1 class                          
    eBooks are here, and you can read them on almost all of your Apple devices that have a screen. While it’s true that there are times that nothing beats holding a book in your hands, eBooks provide their own set of advantages including highlighting, a built-in dictionary, and easy searching. And if audiobooks are your preference, Apple’s Books app has you covered. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system.
    246242 M 5/17 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews
    Remind Me Again - 1 class 

    Do you have lots of scraps of paper in your wallet, or on your desk, or on post-it notes scattered throughout the house? Can’t find the packing list that you know was in the desk drawer? And who’s got the grocery list? Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system (iOS 13, iPadOS 13, MacOS 10.15 or later), and we’ll teach you how Apple’s Reminders app can help eliminate all the flying paper. 

    246243 M 5/24 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews
    Maps: An Atlas in Your Pocket - 1 class                          
    You're always on the move, and if you have an iPhone in your pocket you’ll always know where you're going. Apple’s Maps app is much better than a paper map, if for no other reason than you can ask it for directions. We’ll take a look at all the features of Maps, and how it can help you get you where you need to go. Bring your Apple devices and make sure they’re all running the latest version of macOS, iOS, or iPad OS. 
    246545 W 5/26 9:30-11:30am Online Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews

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